Is Seint Brow Wax Good? Complete Guide to Seint Brow Wax

Is Seint Brow Wax Good?

Have you wondered is Seint brow wax good? Here’s a complete guide to Seint brow wax so you can see what it’s used for and how to use it.

Is Seint Brow Wax Good?

Once you know how to properly use Seint’s brow wax, it works really well! It’s a great way to help your brows have a nice shape and stay in place all day.

What is Seint Brow Wax?

Seint brow wax is a product that helps tame your brows! Just like you can use gel, wax, or spray to style your hair, brow wax styles your brow hairs. It keeps them in place so they look great all day!

Seint brow wax comes in a tin with a lid. The wax itself is hard and needs liquid to soften it enough to work it through the spoolie. The wax will not work well without softening up with liquid!

What are the Ingredients in Seint Brow Wax?

Here’s a list of ingredients in Seint brow wax:

  • Aqua
  • Sorbitol
  • Glycerin
  • Sodium stearate
  • Sodium laurate
  • Propylene glycol
  • Sodium oleate
  • Sodium myristate
  • Sodium chloride
  • Butyrospermum parkii butter
  • Sodium cocoate
  • Sodium palm kernelate
  • Cocos nucifera oil
  • Glyceryl laurate
  • Cocamidopropyl betaine
  • Sodium citrate
  • Citric acid
  • Sodium thiosulfate
  • Trisodium sulfosuccinate
  • Pentasodium pentetate
  • Tetrasodium etidronate

How to Maintain Your Brows

Before you take the time to style your brows, make sure your brows are in good condition. Tweeze and trim your brows so they have a good shape to begin with. You don’t want to enhance your brows if they are a hairy mess! Take some time to get them looking good and then you can style them.

How to Tweeze Your Brows

How to Define Your Brows

What You Need for Good Brows

If you want nice looking brows, here are products to help you get them:



Brow brush

Brow Wax

Setting Spray

Brow Pen

Brow Essentials

How to Use Seint Brow Wax

Since the brow wax is hard, it needs liquid to make it a paste. Here’s how to use Seint brow wax:

  • Take Setting Spray or water and either spray a brush with a spoolie or the wax itself
  • Take the spoolie and swirl it in the wax
  • Use the spoolie and brush it in your brows to shape your brows to your desired shape. It’s best to brush your brows upwards to give them a nice shape.

(Side note: you can define your brows with a brow pen or eyeshadow or contour before OR after you use brow wax. I prefer to define my brows after I use brow wax. But play around with what order you prefer)

Seint Brow Wax Tutorial

If you are a visual learner, then watch this step-by-step tutorial on how to use Seint’s brow wax:

Where to Buy Seint Brow Wax

If this is a makeup product that you want to add to your beauty routine, then you can shop the brow wax in the online store. Simply add to cart and checkout!

Seint Brow Wax

How to Define Your Brows

Once you have a nice shape to your brows and you have applied brow wax, you can define them by filling them in with a brow pen or eyeshadow or contour. Watch the tutorial below to see how to define your brows:

You can keep the tin lid and slide it off when you need to use it or you can get a palette to pop it in with other fun makeup items like a lip & cheek, bronzer, eyeshadow, or illuminator. If you’re already a Seint makeup lover, then it will fit in your custom compact with all your other favorite products.

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Complete Guide to Seint Brow Wax

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