Take the Seint Color Match Quiz

If you’ve heard of Seint beauty products and want to try out but aren’t sure how, listen up! The quickest and easiest way to find your makeup colors is to take the Seint Color Match Quiz!

Take the Seint Color Match Quiz



  • What is the Seint Color Match Quiz? The Seint Color Match Quiz is a quick and easy quiz that helps you find what Seint makeup colors will look best on you. Answer a few questions and at the end of the quiz, you will be given the products, colors, and links to help you purchase Seint makeup.
  • How do you take the Seint Color Match Quiz? To take the quiz, click HERE! It will take you less than 2 minutes and you’ll have what you need to move forward in purchasing the makeup!
  • How do I know what Seint colors are good for me? You can find the best Seint makeup colors for you by taking the Seint Color Match Quiz, Seint Makeup Survey, or read through the Seint Color Match Guide.
  • How do I buy Seint makeup? Once you have an idea of what colors you want, head to the Seint online store and shop to your heart’s content!

Get Ready with Me Using Seint Beauty Makeup Palette

The Seint Color Match Quiz: Why It’s Good

If you want to try the makeup and would rather just quickly figure out what colors would work well for you without the hassle of seeing a Seint Artist in person, contacting a Seint Artist and emailing them back and forth, or feeling self-conscious of sending a selfie to a stranger, then the Seint Color Match Quiz is perfect for you!

The Seint Color Match Quiz is designed to be an in and out experience to help you figure out what colors will suit you. It’s a quick and easy process!

Seint Color Match Quiz



How to Take the Seint Color Match Quiz

Taking the quiz is really simple! Click HERE to take the quiz. You’ll be asked a handful of questions that will help determine what makeup colors will work best for your skin coloring.

Once you answer the questions, make sure to enter your email so you can get your results with a prebuilt shopping cart link that will make it super easy for checkout!

Take the color quiz

After You Take the Seint Color Match Quiz

After you’ve taken the quiz and you’ve gotten your results, you may still feel a little hesitant buying makeup online. I get it! It can seem overwhelming and iffy. But, as your Seint Artist, that’s what I’m here for! I’m your little beauty gal in your back pocket. You can EMAIL ME and ask me any questions. You can fill out my Seint Color Match Survey to give me more details about what your makeup needs and preferences are so I can give you personalized beauty recommendations.

Seint color Match Quiz

Seint Collections

A really way to start with Seint makeup is to purchase a Seint collection. It comes prebuilt for you and you save money…win win! There are 3 main Seint collections: 

Seint No. 4 Collection

Seint No. 8 Collection

Seint No. 12 Collection

Here’s how to buy a Seint Collection:

  • Go to the Seint Collections page
  • Click on the collection you want
  • Click on “Find Your Shades”
  • Scroll through the images of the women and click “Select” on the group that most matches your skin coloring.
  • Click on “Add to Bag”
  • Click on the bag
  • Click on “Check Out”
  • Finish the check out process

Once You Purchase Your Seint Makeup

Once you’ve taken the quiz and made your purchase, you’ll get your goodies in the mail. But let’s say that some of the colors aren’t quite right. Maybe your highlight isn’t blending perfectly or your contour is too warm for your skin tone. No worries! As one of my personal customers, I’m here every step of the way after your purchase. I give all my customers a Beauty Guide eBook that walks you through the how to’s with tutorials, images, and step-by-step processes. I’m here to help troubleshoot and answer any of your beauty questions! Or you can refer to these Seint troubleshooting tips

Seint has an amazing return and exchange policy! You have 30 days to return or exchange anything that isn’t working well for you. You just have to pay for return shipping.

I want to help make getting ready for the day really easy for you! This makeup is perfect for the everyday woman. It’s perfect for all ages and stages and skin tones! It is completely customizable, saves space, saves money, saves time, is great to travel with, is easy to use, and limits waste! What are you waiting for?! Take the Seint Color Match Quiz now to try it for yourself!

Color Match Me!


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