Seint Illuminator Swatches

Seint Illuminator Swatches

It can be hard knowing what makeup colors to buy online when you can’t see them in person. I get it! So, I’ve compiled some Seint illuminator swatches to guide you in knowing what colors to buy for your custom palette.

What is Illuminator?

First off, what is illuminator? Seint illuminator is what highlighter is in other makeup brands. Illuminator literally illuminates your skin. It gives you a pretty glow in just the right places. It leaves you looking like a Greek goddess!

Seint Illuminator Placement

Where do you apply illuminator? You can choose where you want to add an extra glow, but here are the main places to apply it:

  • Cheekbones
  • Underneath the brow
  • Inner corner of the eye
  • Cupid’s bow of the lip
  • Tip of the nose

You can also use illuminator as eyeshadow or layer it on top of your lipstick. It’s very versatile!

Cream Illuminator Versus Powder Illuminator

What’s the difference between cream and powder illuminator? Cream illuminator is a cream product that adds a subtle shimmer. It’s best applied with your clean finger. Powder illuminator is a powder product that adds a more dramatic shimmer. It’s best applied with the Powder Brush or the Blend Brush. Cream is great for women that have dry to normal skin. Powder is great for women that have oily skin.

These are the cream illuminators:



Angel (my personal fave!)

Rose Gold

Glow (this looks great with Bella Bronzer to give you a sun-kissed glow)

These are the powder illuminators:



Photoshop (my personal fave!)



Seint Illuminator Swatches

Here are some color swatches of the illuminators so you know what they look like and can make a better decision on what shade will look best on you.

Seint Illuminator Swatches
Seint Illuminator Swatches

Seint Illuminator Collection

Still not sure what to buy?? Why not get the illuminator collection?! This collection includes 3 cream illuminators. It consists of Rose Gold, Honey, and Pearl. You save $10 when you buy it as a bundle!

Illuminator Collection

And that’s a wrap! Hopefully these Seint illuminator swatches give you a better idea of what they look like. It’s a great way to add a beautiful glow to your skin!

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Seint Illuminator Swatches

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