3 Tips to Keep Your Skin Fresh in Winter

Winter time can be tough on skin. With the cold weather, dry climate, and harsh weather, it can confuse your skin and mess up your pretty face! It’s important to take extra care during the winter months to baby your skin so it remains at its best. Here are 3 tips to keep you skin fresh in winter!
Winter can be very drying on your skin so make sure to moisturize! A great option for your beautiful face is the Maskcara Milk Moisturizer. Oh my goodness. Never have I met a better concoction for my face! It soothes, heals, and moisturizes like no other! Another great option for your face or your entire body is simple coconut oil! Coconut oil makes such a great natural, cheap, and easy moisturizer. Trust me…your skin will thank me.

Drink Lots of Water
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! I’m actually really bad at this so this is a great reminder for me to drink up! Drinking lots of water can help your skin feel great and look great!
Our skin collects product buildup and dead skin cells so it’s crucial that we slough off all that grim and exfoliate often! Make sure to choose an option that isn’t too rough on your skin. You want it to gently exfoliate, not scratch and damage your face. This is a great option that your skin will love! Or, you can make a simple recipe with ingredients from your kitchen. I love simplicity, so this is my fave!
With these simple steps, you can keep your skin fresh in winter!

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