Finding an Alternative to Beautycounter

If clean beauty is important to you, then you may be looking for an alternative to Beautycounter products until they are back up and running. Keep reading to see some great clean makeup and skincare options that you can try!

What is Clean Beauty?

Clean beauty is a term used to describe makeup and skincare products that are free from harmful chemicals and ingredients. Some of these harmful ingredients include sulfates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, and other preservatives. Clean beauty products aim to create their products with higher standards and more natural ingredients that are better for our bodies.

What is Beautycounter?

Beautycounter is a direct-to-consumer (network marketing or social selling) beauty company that sells makeup, skincare, haircare, and body products. The company was founded by Gregg Renfrew in 2013. Beautycounter prides themselves on making cleaner and better beauty products. Their products avoid the 1,400 banned chemicals in the EU.

Beautycounter Update

When you visit the Beautycounter website, you are welcomed with this message from the founder, Gregg:

“Thank you for visiting us.

Something new is on the way. We are currently ​working ​to build a new company but don’t worry, we’ll be back later this year with the safer, high-performing products you know and love, as well as some other surprises.

In the meantime, you can find your Beautycounter favorites at Ulta locations around the US (through July only) and at (through July and beyond).

If you want to be one of the first to hear about our launch later this year, drop your email below and we will be in touch as soon as we have more to share.

Thank you for your support and for being a part of the better beauty movement.”

So what does this mean for Beautycounter customers and clean beauty lovers? It seems like you have a few options:

  • Stock up on faves at Ulta
  • Wait until the new Beautycounter brand relaunches at the end of the year
  • Find other clean beauty options

Alternative to Beautycounter Makeup

If you decide to look for other clean beauty options, there are some great ones to choose from! Here are some of the top clean makeup options you can try:

Seint Makeup

Alternative to Beautycounter Skincare

What you put on your skin is really important! Here are some great clean skincare options to try:

  • Olive Tree People (Oliveda)- This is my absolute favorite skincare line! It’s a holistic brand that heals the skin from the inside and out. The products are waterless and the main ingredient is derived from olive leaves, making it potent and powerfully healing. It’s especially great for mature skin. A great place to start is with one of the skin sets. Not only do they offer external skincare but internal skincare products that truly heal the skin. Read more about Oliveda’s cruelty-free skincare.
  • The Daily Essential Co– This is a very simple skincare line that has all the essentials: cleanser, exfoliant, toner, and serum. Save 10% with this discount code: TDEJOELLEN
  • Dime Beauty– Anything from this line is great but a fan fave is their tinted Wonderscreen! Save 20% with this discount code: JOELLEN
  • Thrive– Check out their skincare sets.
  • Ilia– They have a simple line to shop from and all are clean products.
  • Ogee– The Discovery Set has everything you need to start.

Beautycounter Swaps

Here are some specific alternatives to Beautycounter skincare products for Oliveda products that you can use:

Finding an Alternative to Beauty Counter

F72 Corrective Cleansing Oil

Finding an Alternative to Beauty Counter

F81 AHA + HT Serum

Finding an Alternative to Beauty Counter

F63 Cell Active Face Oil Serum

Finding an Alternative to Beauty Counter

F74 Regeneration Intense Face Cream

Finding an Alternative to Beauty Counter

F83 HT + Vitamin C Serum

Finding an Alternative to Beauty Counter

009 Dope Your Glow Deep Cleanser | F71 Corrective Cleansing Gel | F72 Corrective Cleansing Oil | F38 Purifying Cleansing Gel

Finding an Alternative to Beauty Counter

F11 Activating Facial Toner | F67 Corrective Facial Tonic

Here are some other Beautycounter swaps you can make with Oliveda products:

Countertime Collection

Countercontrol Collection

Countermatch Collection

Misc Beautycounter Products

Just because Beautycounter has taken a break doesn’t mean you need to take a break on clean beauty! There are plenty of other great options out there for you to try! Do a little research and see what will work best for your needs, budget, and standards. Not sure what products will work great for your skin? Take the skin quiz to get personalized recommendations.

Skincare Quiz

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Finding an Alternative to Beauty Counter

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Finding an Alternative to Beauty Counter

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