Spoil Mom: The Ultimate Guide to Luxe Face Masks

Spoil your mom this Mother’s Day with a gift she will actually love! What woman doesn’t want to feel spoiled and luxurious? A simple gift to give her that she will love is a face mask!! Keep scrolling to learn the benefits of a face mask and how to apply them so she gets skin that glows!

What are the Benefits of a Face Mask?

I know it can seem overwhelming adding more steps into your skincare routine. But by adding in just one more step once a week, you’ll notice a big difference in your skin! Here are some face mask benefits:

  • Hydrates the skin
  • Refines the pores
  • Removes excess oil
  • Regenerates damaged skin
  • Increases skin elasticity
  • Nourishes the skin
  • Soothes the skin
  • Gives the skin a healthy glow

What woman doesn’t want those benefits?! It’s a small step that makes a big impact!

Face Mask Benefits

How to Apply a Face Mask

After cleansing and toning your face, either use your clean fingers, a facial brush, or a facial spatula to apply the product on your face. Rub a light layer and spread the mask from your forehead to your chin and from one side of the face to the other.

How Long Do You Leave a Face Mask On Your Skin?

The amount of time you leave the mask on your face depends on the mask. Most masks suggest leaving the product on your face for 10-15 minutes. But make sure to double check the instructions on the jar. Also, if your skin is very sensitive, consider removing the mask earlier than the suggested time.

How Do You Remove a Face Mask?

Once you have worn your face mask for the recommended amount of time, it’s time to remove it! Before you remove it, take a little warm water on your clean fingers and lightly massage the mask into your skin. This will help the mask penetrate your skin a little more to increase the benefits. Then, take a clean microfiber cloth and warm water and gently remove the mask from your face. Work in sections. Depending on the type of mask you’re wearing, it make come off easily or you may have to scrub at it a bit. Continue this process until all the product is removed. Then follow up with the rest of your skincare routine.

Daily Skincare Routine

How Often Do You Wear a Face Mask?

Face masks are a great extra in your skincare routine. Because of this, it is only necessary to apply a face mask once or twice a week. Just stick to a routine and you’ll notice how much healthier your skin looks and feels!

Favorite Face Masks

Not all face masks are created equal! If you’re going to spend money on skincare, you want to make sure it actually works! These are my top 4 favorite face masks because they are high quality, made with organic ingredients, and are waterless. Waterless skincare is more effective and potent because instead of water being the main ingredient, hydroxytyrosol is the star of the show. The mask will heal your skin and help it truly glow!

Honey Enzyme Face Mask– This enzymatic peeling mask frees the skin from dead skin cells, refines the pores and leaves the complexion radiant and even. It doubles as an exfoliator and a mask! It leaves the skin feeling very soft and smooth. This is great for all skin types.

Black Olive Face Mask– This mask nourishes, relaxes, regenerates, and improves the skin’s elasticity and resilience. It is extremely hydrating and will give the skin a healthy glow! It is great for sensitive, irritated, or dry skin.

Olive Matcha Face Mask– This mask reduces visible redness, inflammation and irritation, fights skin damage caused by free radicals, and absorbs excess oil. It is great for oily or sensitive skin.

Blemish Control Face Mask– This mask is very moisturizing and helps regenerate irritated and damaged skin. It will increase the skin’s elasticity, balance redness, heals stressed and sensitive skin, and leaves the skin clear and radiant! It is great for acne prone skin.

Best Face Masks

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The Ultimate Guide to Luxe Face Masks for Mother's Day

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Face Mask Benefits

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