Your Daily Beauty Routine to Minimize Your Beauty Routine

It’s so easy to collect all the beauty products. The bottles, jars, palettes, tubes. It can get messy and cluttered really fast. Not only can it get cluttered, but it wastes time rummaging through all your products to find what you’re looking for! Would you believe me if I told you that you could downsize your makeup collection to just one compact? Keep scrolling to see how using this minimalist makeup system will simplify your life but not sacrifice your beauty routine…

Your Daily Beauty Routine

I am a firm believer that you feel much better about yourself when you take time to get ready every day…even if you’re not going anywhere! Take time for your beauty routine, whether it’s a simple makeup look or a full coverage look. Your daily beauty routine is important and just because you want to simplify your life doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice that beauty. When you feel good, you do good! 

One Compact for Your Entire Face!

One Makeup Compact with Everything

Usually when you think of a makeup compact, you think of just your foundation and a mirror or a prebuilt eyeshadow palette. But you can customize your own makeup compact to have ALL THE THINGS YOU NEED! What does 1 compact hold? It will hold everything (minus mascara)! That is pretty amazing! 

All you need is 1 makeup palette for your entire face! Your custom compact can hold your foundation (highlight), contour, concealer, blush, illuminator, eyeshadow, brows, lips, eyeliner, bronzer, and powder. I’m serious! 

Seint Beauty is the perfect makeup brand for minimalist makeup!

Makeup Compact with Everything

Wouldn’t it be nice to have everything in one place at your fingertips?? A makeup compact with everything will save you space and time!

If you’re not a huge makeup lover, you can have a smaller custom compact. If you’re a big makeup lover, then you can have a larger compact that fits all the things! If you’re someone in between, you can customize it to your liking. But the awesome thing is that everything you need for your beauty routine will fit into 1 compact!

All in One Compact Makeup

All in One Compact Makeup

Are you ready to simplify your makeup routine? How do you know what makeup products and colors will be best for you? Here are a few ways:

  • Color Match Quiz– this is a quick way to get a general idea of what makeup colors will be best for you.
  • Color Match Survey– if you want personalized makeup help, then you can fill out the Seint makeup survey and I will personally give you recommendations that will look great on you based on your needs and preferences.
  • Color Match Guide– if you want to color match yourself, then scroll through the Seint Color Match Guide so you can see what colors will look great on you.
All in One Compact Makeup

No More Large Makeup Bag — Simplify with One Makeup Compact

I know I’m not alone in this. I’ve had a makeup drawer and a makeup bag FULL of products. It takes time to rummage through it all to find what I want. I forget about products because there’s so much to sort through. If you love makeup, you don’t have to sacrifice collecting makeup to have a more simplified system.

Whether you want a full face or just a simple touch of makeup, you can create your own look with the all in one compact. You can have your basic needs met in the Palette 4 or everything you want and more in the Palette 27….and anything in between! And if you REALLY love makeup, you can go for the IIID Pro Palette 40 or the IIID Pro Palette 60. They come in different sizes and styles to suit your wants and needs!

Custom Compact

Say goodbye to those prebuilt palettes where you waste colors that you don’t like or need. Say hello to a completely custom compact just for you! Build a compact with the shades you want and need. Build a compact with your personal custom colors!

Each makeup single is tin and each compact is magnetic so you can mix and match and switch things around and replace as needed. When you run out of one of your shades, just replace it as needed! 

Have you ever bought a prebuilt eyeshadow palette from a store? You ALWAYS end up using at least one shade more than another. And sometimes you don’t even use a shade because you don’t like it. You end up wasting product and money. But you can build you own custom eyeshadow palette! You can create a compact of the exact colors you want so you won’t waste money or product. When a shade is used up, simply pop out the tin and replace it.

Check out these eyeshadow swatches so you can see what the shades look like on skin.

Custom Makeup Palette

Individual Makeup Tins

Each individual makeup tin is $12-$16. They can last from 3-12+ months. There are a range of makeup products: highlight (foundation), contour, lip & cheek, illuminator, bronzer, eyeshadow, powder, and eyeliner. Is Seint makeup clean? The makeup is cruelty free, paraben free, and gluten free. 

One Compact for Your Entire Face!

Say goodbye to your makeup clutter! Say hello to 1 compact for your entire face! Simplify your life and simplify your beauty routine with a minimalist makeup system that will make your life easier!

If you are interested in simplifying more of your routine look into this capsule wardrobe blog.

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All in One Compact Makeup

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All in One Compact Makeup

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