Achieve the Barbiecore Aesthetic with this Makeup Look

Achieve the Barbiecore Aesthetic with this Makeup Look


  • What is Barbiecore? Barbiecore is a trend that embraces confidence, femininity, pink, and positivity!
  • What is the Barbie movie release date? The Barbie movie releases July 21, 2023.
  • What is the Barbie movie rated? The Barbie movie is rated PG-13.
  • What is Barbie’s favorite color? Barbie’s favorite color is PINK!!

What is Barbiecore?

Barbiecore is a trend that embraces confidence, femininity, pink, and positivity! This is a trend that I can get behind! When you think of Barbiecore, think happy, bright, and cheerful thoughts. Barbie exudes confidence, and what woman doesn’t want that for herself??

Whether you are planning on attending the Barbie premier or not, you can embrace Barbiecore in your style, makeup, and attitude. Keep scrolling to see how…

How to Achieve the Perfect Barbie-Inspired Makeup Look

If you want to achieve a Barbie makeup look, then you need to embrace pink, shimmer, and femininity! Now, I could show you how to do an over-the-top Barbie inspired makeup look that would be great for Halloween. But I want to show you how you can achieve this look so you can wear it with confidence any time of year! It’s the perfect everyday glad look that you can pull off anytime you need to look extra flirty. It’s effortless glam. Let’s break it down so you know how to master the Barbie inspired look!

Barbie Eye Makeup

When you look at Barbie, her eye makeup is always on point! She’s wearing beautiful eyeshadow, perfect winged eyeliner, and thick long lashes. She screams perfection!

Since Barbie loves pink, pink eyeshadow is a great option! Create a pretty pink eyeshadow look by using the deep crease method. Use a dark pink in the outer corner of the eye, a medium pink in the crease, and a light pink on the inner corner and lid. Top your look off with a light shimmer under the brow and on the inner corner of the eye.

Next, apply black eyeliner on the upper lash liner and extend out past the eye to achieve a winged look.

Apply a thick layer of mascara on the upper and lower lashes. To complete your Barbie eye makeup look!

Barbie Blush Look

Barbie loves blush!! And pink blush is best! Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks and then blending into your contour or up your cheekbone.

Cream blush is best because it melts into your face and looks very natural.

Barbie Lip Kit

I don’t know about you, but I like to coordinate my blush and lips. I like them to look cohesive. So, use the same shade of pink that you used on your lips and apply a pink layer to your look. Bonus: use Seint Lip + Cheek colors because they can be worn on your cheeks and lips…win win! Line your lips to make them look fuller. Then to make them look extra pouty, add a gloss on the middle part of your upper and lower lip.

Barbie Makeup

From Playful to Glam – How to Elevate Your Natural Barbie Makeup

If you prefer a more natural look, then you can definitely achieve the Barbiecore aesthetic with makeup by building on what you wear daily. Here’s how you can elevate your natural Barbie makeup:

Natural Makeup

The key to a great makeup application is a great skin care. Make sure your skin care consists of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing daily so you get clear and happy skin! Add in exfoliating a few times a week and a weekly mask and you will have skin that glows like Barbie!

For your natural makeup look, apply your foundation and concealer to even out your skin tone. Make sure to color correct your dark circles so you look more youthful. Apply a light layer of mascara. Put some ChapStick on your lips and you have a simple natural look!

But let’s take that natural look and transform it into Barbie makeup….

Barbie Makeup

You have a good base of natural makeup. How can you turn it into a natural looking Barbie makeup??

  • Add blush- It’s not a Barbie inspired look without blush! Apply a small amount to the apples of your cheek and blend it upwards along your cheekbones.
  • Add pink eyeshadow- You don’t have to go full out on the eyeshadow. Use the Wash Method or the Crease Method and one or two pink eyeshadows to add some color to your lids like Barbie!
  • Add eyeliner- Use this easy eyeliner method to add some drama to your eyes!
  • Add lip color- Add some pink to your lips to get those flirty lips like Barbie! Keep it simple with a pink gloss so you get color and gloss in one swoop!

Elevate Your Barbie Look with Seint Beauty

It’s no secret that I love Seint makeup…I’ve been a fan for 7+ years! So how can you use Seint beauty products to recreate a Barbie makeup look?

Here are some products that will help you achieve a Barbie inspired look:

Make it easy with the Barbiecore makeup palette.

Barbie Eye Makeup Look

Mi Hija | Claire | Tawanda | Sabrina

Barbiecore Blush

Baby Watermelon | Hollywood | Pink Grapefruit | Dahlia | Cindy | Pinky Promise

Barbiecore Illuminator

Photoshop | Glamazing | Angel

Barbiecore Lips

Baby Watermelon | Hollywood | Pink Grapefruit | Dahlia | Cindy | Pinky Promise

Channel that inner Barbie in you and achieve the Barbiecore aesthetic with these makeup tips! Remember to also wear your positive attitude and cheerfulness 😉

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Achieve the Barbiecore Aesthetic with this Makeup Look

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