Essentials to Pack in Your Day Backpack When Traveling

Traveling takes a lot of planning and preparation! Traveling with kids takes even more planning and prep! As we travel the world, we have 4 suitcases, 6 backpacks, and 1 camera bag. As a mom to 4 littles, my backpack becomes the go-to on our day trips. I have gotten my groove down as to what is a must to tote around when being out and about for the day. Here is what I think are the essentials to pack in your day backpack when traveling. Grab a pen and take notes! It will make your life easier when you’re more prepared =)

What to Pack
Backpack– This is my all-time favorite backpack to pack around! It has great storage space, is super comfortable to wear, and is very durable. Win win win. There are lots of other stylish options here.

Water bottle– It is a must to carry around a water bottle. We do a lot of walking when we’re out exploring and you need to make sure you are hydrated and have clean water…because you never know what condition the water will be in where you’re traveling!
Snacks- My kids do so much better on a long day of adventure when we pack plenty of snacks. We do a mixture of fruit and packaged snacks to keep everyone fed & happy.

Hand sanitizer– It is a MUST to have clean hands when traveling. You don’t want a sickness to keep you from having fun! I always have hand sanitizer in my backpack, whether that’s this kind or a mixture of water and essential oils….always!!
First Aid Kit– You never know when you’ll need an alcohol wipe of Band-Aid for a bump or blister. This little first aid kit always saves the day for those mishaps.
Medicine Kit

Along with our first aid kit is this trusty medicine kit I put together. It holds pain reliver, tummy relief, motion sickness medicine…anything that can help relieve any kind of discomfort when we’re traveling. It has been a life saver! Simply buy a small container and fill it up with the medicine essentials you need to have on hand for your family.
Chapstick– I don’t know about you, but my lips always get chapped when I’m traveling! So I make sure to have chapstick on hand to keep my lips moisturized.
Revlon Lip Balm– We take lots of pictures when we’re traveling so I always have my trusty lipstick with me so I can be camera ready. This is my fave because it keeps my lips moist and the color stays on all day!
Sunglasses– My eyes are extra happy when I have my sunglasses nearby for those sunny days.
Maskcara Clutch– This is my secret weapon! It holds all of my makeup, makeup brushes, and credit cards. It doubles as a clutch and my makeup case. I can take it out of my backpack and use as a small purse if I don’t want to wear my big backpack or I can tuck it away and always have my makeup at the ready. You can never be too prepared 😉
Passport or photocopy of passport- It’s always a smart idea to have either your passport or a picture of your passport on you at all times. I have a folder of copies of our family’s passports in my backpack that I keep in there at all times. You can never be too safe and prepared.

And there you have it! These essentials are such a relief to have on hand when we’re out and about for the day exploring. My day backpack is the most important thing to have nearby to keep everyone safe and happy.