How to Amp Up Your Holiday Makeup Look

How to Amp Up Your Holiday Makeup Look

How to Amp Up Your Holiday Makeup Look


The holidays are a great time to look extra special! You want to bust out those fancy dresses and heels and wear all the sparkles! But are you a little stumped on how to take your makeup up a notch? Have no fear! Here are some simple steps on how to amp up your holiday makeup look so you can look a little extra beautiful!



Amp Up Your Holiday Look with Eyeshadow

An easy way to go bold is with your eyeshadow! There are so many pretty eyeshadow colors that can really help your look go from everyday makeup to wowza! You can go for a fun shimmery look, a dark smokey eye, or some pretty sparkles! Maskcara has all the options…it’s just a matter of preference!



Amp Up Your Holiday Look with Eyeliner

A pretty lined eye can really help your eyes pop! If you have large eyes, then go ahead and line the top lid from one end to the other. If you have smaller eyes, then just focus the line on the outer corners to draw the eyes out. Maskcara has the best eyeliner and brush to give you that hot look! The Black Friday Eyeliner and Hotline Brush are the perfect combo!


Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Holiday Makeup Look

Amp Up Your Holiday Look with Bold Lips

Don’t forget the power of a good lip color! A pretty bold color on your lips will definitely take your makeup look up a notch! A good trick to get your lips looking extra full is to line them first with Indigo Contour and the Multitasker Brush. Then fill your lips in with your favorite bold color. Any of these ones will look beautiful! Scarlet, Ever Red, Royal, Lovespell, Saffron, Black Cherry, Ruby or Sandstone.


Perfect Maskcara Colors for a Bold Lip

Amp Up Your Holiday Look with Illuminator

Adding a beautiful glow will always make you look extra beautiful! You can choose between cream or powder illuminators. Apply above your cheekbones, on the bow of your lip, and under your brow bones for a pretty angelic glow.


Amp Up Your Holiday Look with Contour

Don’t underestimate the power of a good chiseled look! Contour is your best friend when it comes to amping up your look! Go for a darker contour than your everyday makeup look. Don’t be afraid to put more on than normal. Holiday parties usually have dimmed lights and you want to stand out!

How to Amp Up Your Holiday Makeup Look

Use those steps, or pick one or two, and you’ll look great for all the holiday parties and shindigs you’ll have this season!


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How to Amp Up Your Holiday Makeup Look

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