How to Get a Pretty Glow with Seint Illuminator

How to Get a Pretty Glow with Seint Illuminator

How to Get a Pretty Glow with Seint Illuminator

  Do you feel like your makeup needs a little extra something? Learn how to get a pretty glow with Seint illuminator!  

What is Seint Illuminator?

What is illuminator? In most other makeup brands, illuminator is considered highlighter. Illuminator is part of Seint’s iiid foundation. It provides coverage as well as a little glow. It’s a shimmer that is applied to your face to help you shimmer! But it’s not a little girl sparkle or glitter look. It’s a subtle shimmer. When the light hits the areas you’ve applied it to, your face glistens like a goddess! Doesn’t that sound like something you want?? Illuminator is a great way to take your makeup game up a notch and get that polished and perfected look. Let’s learn a bit more about the different kinds of illuminators and where to apply it. How to Get a Pretty Glow with Seint Illuminator

Seint Cream Illuminators

Seint’s cream illuminators are creamy and subtle. It’s a very natural way to add a pretty glow to your face. It’s easiest to apply the cream with your fingers. There are currently 7 cream illuminator shades to choose from: Pearl, Chandelier, Honey, Angel, Rose Gold, Confetti, and Glow. If you have fair skin, Pearl and Chandelier will work great for you. If you have fair to medium skin, Honey and Angel will work well on you. If you have medium to dark skin, Rose Gold and Confetti will look beautiful on you. If you have dark skin, Glow is great.  

Seint Powder Illuminators

If you want a bit more drama, then Seint’s powder illuminators are gorgeous! They especially work well on women that have oily skin because they will show up and last better on your skin type. There are currently 5 powder illuminators to choose from: Starlet, Glamazing, Photoshop, Georgia, or Goldie. These shades work great on all skin shades and they even work beautifully as eyeshadow too! It’s best to apply the powder illuminator with a brush. You can lightly dust on the powder with the Blend Brush or pat it on with the Powder Brush. All About Seint Illuminators

Where to Apply Seint Illuminator

Now that you know what illuminator is and what kinds there are, where do you apply it?? You can choose how much glow you want, but here are the main areas to apply it:
  • Top of your cheekbones
  • Under the highest point of your brow
  • Inner corner of your eye
  • Bridge of your nose
  • Bow of your lip
  • Middle of your lip
  • As eyeshadow
You get to choose where to apply it…you have plenty of options! Watch this illuminator tutorial to see how to apply it.   Where to Apply Illuminator And there you have it! All you need to know about Seint illuminator and how to apply it to get a pretty glow! If you want to learn what makeup colors will work great on you, either take the color match quiz or visit the color match guide to get started! Free Color Match Shop Seint Beauty Products Here   How to Get a Pretty Glow with Seint Illuminator *This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase an item featured in this post, I get a small portion from the sale. Thank you! It does not affect you at all.