Spring Clean Your Everyday Skincare Routine

What better time of year than spring time to spring clean your everyday skincare routine?! We all know that skincare is important, but how many of us actually take the time to do it?? There are so many products, techniques, and opinions out there. It’s hard to know where to even begin! So let’s make this an everyday approach to skincare so you can make it a habit that you can stick to!

Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine

When it comes to skincare, I would bet that you fall into one of two categories: you have a drawer or cabinet full of skincare products that you’ve bought to try over the years or you simply wash your face with a bar of soap or your body wash. Either way, it’s time to spring clean your skincare routine!

Spring cleaning can happen in different areas of your life: your home, your closet, your garage, your makeup routine, and your skincare routine. How can you spring clean your skincare routine?

Here are 3 ways to get started:

  • Purge your products
  • Make a list of what you need
  • Make an investment in your skincare
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Purge Your Products

I’m sure you have many skincare products that you’ve collected over the years. Maybe they’re samples, maybe they’re travel sizes from hotels, maybe you’ve spent money on them trying to find the perfect product. Gather all those bottles and tubes and put them all in one place.

Then go one by one and decide whether to keep or toss. If it’s expired, toss it. If it’s half used and you don’t use it anymore, toss it. If you use it and love it, keep it. Keep the process simple. Don’t hang onto something just because it’s not used up yet. Only keep things you actually use and love. Get rid of the rest!

Make a List of What You Need

Once you’ve gone through and purged, now it’s time to make a list of what you need. What products do you need to replace? Make a list on paper or in the Notes app on your phone so you can keep track of you need when you go shopping.

Make an Investment in Your Skincare Routine

Gone are the days where you can just get by with drugstore skincare products. Higher quality products really do work better. As you are aging, your skin needs extra TLC. And that means that you need to make a bigger investment in your skincare. You may have to sacrifice buying yourself a latte weekly or treating yourself to some Target bargains. Be a little wiser with your purchases and I know you can scrounge up the money to help you invest in a better skincare routine.

If you’re not sure what skincare is best for your skin type, take the quick skin quiz! It will guide you to the products that will work best for your skin.

Skincare Quiz

Less is More Skincare Approach

As a licensed aesthetician and certified makeup artist, beauty is important to me. And it’s important for me to teach women an easy way to feel confident in their makeup and skincare routines. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the options. And what happens when we get overwhelmed? We do nothing! It’s called decision fatigue. There are so m any products and processes and decisions to make so we get paralyzed and do nothing.

Please don’t do nothing. You only have one set of skin, so let’s learn how to take good care of it! Did you know that your skin renews itself while you sleep? So if you go to bed with a dirty face (buildup from the oil, sweat, dirt, and makeup from the day), your skin can’t renew itself. Your pores will clog. You will get breakouts. Your skin will look ruddy and feel rough. And I don’t want that for you!

So instead of being overwhelmed and doing nothing, think less is more! Stick to a few simple steps every night that you can make a habit. A simple skincare routine will take you less than 5 minutes but will give you happier and healthier skin!

Skin Care Routine for the Busy Mom

I get it. You get the kids to bed at night and you just want to veg! The last thing you want to do is spend time on yourself getting ready for bed. But with a simple routine, you can do this in just a few minutes! Here are the simple steps you can take each night and day:

Simple Nightly Skincare Routine

Your nighttime routine is the most important part! You want to prep your face before bed so it can work its magic while you sleep! Follow these simple steps:

  • Cleanse- This helps clean your face from all the dirt, oil, sweat, and makeup that has accumulated throughout the day. I like using a microfiber cloth to clean your face extra well.
  • Tone- This helps restore your skin’s natural pH level. After you cleanse your face, your skin’s oils have been stripped from your face. Toning will help balance it out. You can spray your face directly with toner or spritz a reusable cotton round and wipe your face.
  • Moisturize- This helps keep your skin hydrated and happy! Yes, even if you have oily skin, you need to do this step!! You can also add in eye cream to this step if you want to give that area extra TLC.

Do those steps EVERY NIGHT!! Then, once or twice a week, add in exfoliation. This step is done after you cleanse your face. It will help slough off the dead skin cells and product buildup and will leave your skin feeling so smooth!!

Simple Morning Skincare Routine

For your morning routine, keep it even more simple. Your face isn’t dirty so it doesn’t need the star treatment you gave it at night. Simply wash your face with warm water and a cleanser if you wish and moisturize. I like to use sunscreen as my moisturizer because it hydrates and protects my face. That’s it!

If you want a more thorough skincare routine, check out this post on how to get glass skin.

The Best Skincare Products for the Busy Mom

We’ve gone over the simple skincare routine but what are good skincare products to use?? Remember, it’s important to put your big girl pants on and spend some money on your skin. If you want to have healthy, happy, glowing skin then it’s important to make that investment.

There are a lot of great skincare products out there. Some of my favorite are found here:

Oliveda Waterless Skincare

The Daily Essential Co (for 10% off, use this discount code: TDEJOELLEN)

Dime Beauty (To save 20%, use this discount code at checkout: JOELLEN)

Seint Beauty

My Daily Skincare Routine

This is my current skincare routine that helps my skin glow! I’m 40 years old and this skincare line has helped diminish dark circles and fine lines and has helped my skin look more vibrant and youthful!

Morning Routine




Moisturize & Protect: F83 HT + VITAMIN C SERUM FACE

Night Routine








And once a week I like to use this Honey Enzyme Face Mask.

It’s great to throw in exfoliating at least once a week too. Learn how and why you need to exfoliate! And learn the importance of serum in your skincare routine too!

Daily Skincare Routine

Here’s what I have used for a simple routine in the past (this is great for skin maintenance, but not necessarily great for anti-aging). It works great for teens!

Cleanser (save 10% with this code at checkout: TDEJOELLEN)

Toner (save 10% with this code at checkout: TDEJOELLEN)

Moisturizer (serum) (save 10% with this code at checkout: TDEJOELLEN)

Exfoliator (save 10% with this code at checkout: TDEJOELLEN)

Microfiber cloths

Reusable Cotton Rounds

Dime Wonderscreen (for moisturizer & sunscreen) (save 20% with this code at checkout: JOELLEN)

Make the commitment to take better care of your skin! A simple spring clean of your skincare routine can help you have skin that you love!

Makeup Quiz
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JoEllen is a licensed aesthetician, certified makeup artist, and certified John Maxwell coach, speaker, and trainer. She has been working with women for 18 years helping them look and feel confident. She loves teaching women simple beauty techniques so they can feel empowered to try it at home. She believes that when you look and feel good, you do good!

Spring Clean Your Everyday Skincare Routine

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