The Most Simple Makeup Routine for the Everyday Woman

Beauty does not have to be complicated! A lot of women want to be able to look beautiful, gorgeous, put together, but they think that they have to have all the experience and expertise to achieve that look! Wrong! When you have the right products and use simple techniques, you can look just as gorgeous as those models and makeup artists! Yes, you! Here’s the most simple makeup routine for the everyday woman so you can look & feel your best!

What You Need

Just like an artist needs his tools to create a masterpiece, you need the right products and tools to look gorgeous! For a super simple makeup look, all you need are 4+ custom colors: highlight, contour, blush, and illuminator. If you need color correcting, then throw concealer in the mix. Along with the right colors that work just for you, you’ll need a brush to blend. And that’s it! Less is more!

The Simple Technique

Can you finger paint? Then you can achieve this look so easily! It’s like a paint-by-numbers technique where you just put certain colors on certain parts of your face and then you blend! You can literally achieve a pretty look in minutes!

Look at the image below to see where to place which color. You apply your highlight (foundation) on your chin, under your eyes, forehead, and nose. You apply contour along your cheekbone. You apply blush on the apples of your cheeks. You apply Illuminator on top of your cheekbone. Just slop it on. There’s no need to be dainty and precise. Then, you take your magical brush and blend baby blend! And soon you will have a beautiful face ready for the day!

Highlighting and Contouring Cheatsheet

Step 1: Apply highlight

Step 2: Apply contour

Step 3: Apply blush

Step 4: BLEND!

Step 5: Apply illuminator

Step 6: Voila!

Super Simple Makeup Routine

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most simple makeup routine
most simple makeup routine

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