Sweater Weather is Near: Fall Hiking Outfits To Try This Autumn

Fall Hiking Outfit Ideas

Fall is such a great time to get outdoors and explore! The crisp air, the gorgeous fall colors, the beautiful landscape. Do you have plans to go hiking this fall? If you do, then here are some fall hiking outfits ideas that will help you look and feel great as you head outdoors and make memories!

Fall Weather By Region

Fall weather is rather a loose term. It can mean something different for someone living in southern California than for someone living in Connecticut. So if you have plans to travel this fall to enjoy some gorgeous fall weather, here is a fall weather guide (with average temperatures) by region to help you know what to plan for:

West Coast: temperatures range from 45-65 degrees F

East Coast: temperatures range from 25-70 degrees F

North: temperatures range from 25-45 degrees F

South: temperatures range from 65-70 degrees F

Midwest: temperatures range from 45-65 degrees F

Fall temperatures


How to Plan What to Wear

The most important thing to consider when dressing for a hike is the weather. Take time to research what the weather will be like for the day. Will it be warm and sunny? Cold and windy? Is there a chance of rain? Knowing what to expect will help you know what to wear and pack.

Layers, Layers, Layers!

Layers are key when dressing for a hike in the fall! The weather can change and the temperature can fluctuate quickly. It’s best to be prepared! Wearing and packing layers will help you stay warm and dry or cool and comfortable.

What do I mean by layers? You want to wear different layers of clothing that you can add or take off easily. Your base layer should be a short sleeve shirt, then a long sleeve shirt, a light sweater, and then a jacket. You can also add gloves, a beanie, and scarf. All of these items can easily be put on or taken off depending on how you feel.

Fall Hiking Outfit Ideas

Here are some fall hiking outfit ideas that will help you look cute and be comfortable. You’ll definitely want to snap pics of your adventure so look your best!

Fall Hiking Outfit Ideas
Fall Hiking Outfit
Fall Hiking Outfit

Good Hiking Shoe Options for Women

I know this may sound vain, but when looking for a good hiking shoe, I not only look for a good fit but for a good style! I don’t want to look frumpy on the trail. I still want to look great =) Here are some stylish and comfortable hiking shoe options for women:

Fall Hiking Shoes

The Best Sunscreen for Hiking

There’s nothing worse than forgetting sunscreen after a fun day of exploring and then you feel the burn later that night! Here are my favorite tried and true sunscreens that work well with or without makeup:

Best Sunscreen Options

If you want to wear makeup on your hiking trip, don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen throughout the day! Make sure to see what sunscreen to wear with makeup and How to Reapply Sunscreen with Makeup so you remain protected from the sun all day long. You don’t want a sunburn to ruin the good memories you’ve made!

Hopefully those tips will help you wear something that you’ll feel and look great in. Have a fun time and takes lots of pictures!

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Fall Hiking Outfit Ideas

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