Eyes of Youth: How the Right Eye Cream Can Turn Back Time

Do you struggle with your eyes? Do you have dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, crepey, or dull looking skin? You’re not alone! A lot of women struggle with their eye area. The skin around our eyes is very fragile so it’s best to give it some extra TLC. Let’s learn how the right eye cream can turn back time so you look your best!

What Does Eye Cream Do?

The skin around our eye is more delicate and fragile than the rest of the skin on our face. Because of that, it shows signs of aging faster. If you want your eyes to appear youthful, then using regular moisturizer won’t cut it! Our under eyes need extra TLC and different ingredients to help keep that area nourished and healthy.

How Do You Properly Apply Eye Cream?

Most women are rough with their under eyes! But your under eye area is really delicate so use your ring fingers to apply your eye products because it will help gently apply the product without being too rough. Lightly press the eye cream on your orbital bone and under your brow. Press, tap, and blend in the cream so your under eye is nice and hydrated. And that’s it!

When Should You Start Using Eye Cream?

When you’re in your teens and twenties, you have very youthful skin! Your skin is tight and full. But as you age into your thirties and forties, your skin’s elastin and collagen start changing and fine lines and wrinkles start appearing. So it’s best to start using eye products in your thirties. If you want to take preventative measures, you can even start using them in your late twenties.

When Do You Apply Eye Cream in Your Skincare Lineup?

There are so many skincare products that it can be confusing knowing when to apply them! Here’s when you should apply eye cream in your skincare lineup:

  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Mask (1-2X/week)
  • Serum
  • Face oil/elixir
  • Eye cream
  • Moisturizer
Daily Skincare Routine

What are the Ingredients You Look for in a Good Eye Products?

Some think that applying simple moisturizer under your eyes will be good enough. Or some think that all eye products are created equally. But here are a few reasons why some eye products aren’t working for you:

  • Your eye cream might not contain active ingredients like hydroxytyrosol, retinol, vitamin c, caffeine, or hyaluronic acid. If it doesn’t, then you’re basically just putting moisturizer under your eyes. 
  • Your eye cream is probably made of mostly water. So even if your eye cream does contain active ingredients, then it’s not very effective because it’s mostly water! Learn more about waterless skincare and why it’s the best for your skin!
  • You might be applying your eye cream in the wrong order. Apply your toner & serums first and end with your cream. 

So if you want your eyes to look youthful, then it’s important to invest in products that contain active ingredients like Your eye cream might not contain active ingredients like hydroxytyrosol, retinol, vitamin c, caffeine, or hyaluronic acid.

If you want your skincare to work for you, make sure you’re investing in the right type of products and applying them in the right order. Look at these women’s eyes results from using waterless skincare! It works!

Eye Cream

Here are my top eye products that actually work! They nourish and hydrate the eye area! They will help diminish dark circles, smooth fine lines & wrinkles, and lift the eye. Because they are waterless skincare, the ingredients are more potent and powerful and truly anti-aging.

the best eye products

F09 Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream– Crow’s feet are gently smoothed away, and puffiness under the eyes effectively reduced. Hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein act as true shields against harmful external influences allowing the eyes to appears more alert, awake, and refreshed. Perfect for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

F60 Corrective Eye Cream– This power combination has a highly positive impact on the collagen net as well as a smoothing effect on eye wrinkles and a reducing effect on under-eye shadows and discolorations. Premature skin aging can be prevented. 

F64 Corrective Eye Elixir– The active ingredient complex enhances the natural activity of the cells which gives your eye area a more lifted and radiant look. Also, the fine skin around the eyes is being strengthened and smoothed in a gentle way which makes it perfect for challenging and sensitive skin. The eye area looks rejuvenated, lifted and beautiful.

007 Lifting Up Eye Elixir– This exclusive “lifting up eye” complex promotes the natural activity of the cells and gives the area around the eyes a firmer and more radiant appearance. The “lifting up eye” complex strengthens and smooths the fine skin around the eyes and is particularly suitable for demanding, sensitive, and fine skin.

008 Shining Dope Eye Cream– This smooths and reduces eye wrinkles within a very short time, reduces the appearance of dark circles and discoloration, and counteracts premature skin aging.

The Best Eye Duo

When you combine certain products, they work better together! I’ve been using the F64 Corrective Eye Elixir and the F60 Corrective Eye Cream together for 2 months and have already noticed a huge difference in my eyes! Look at the images below. The top pictures are my eyes before I started using the best eye duo and the bottom pictures are 2 months after. The hoods of my eyes are lifting and are no longer hiding my eyelid! These pictures are unedited and unfiltered. When you use products with active ingredients and the products don’t contain mostly water, you see results!

After cleansing, toning, and applying serum on my face, I apply the F64 Corrective Eye Elixir under my eyes and under my brow and then I layer the F60 Corrective Eye Cream on top. They were beautifully together! These products will last about 6 months.

Eye Duo

Eye Duo

Hopefully this guide will help you make better investments in your skincare so your eyes age gracefully with the rest of your face! Your skincare routine is one of the best investments you can make. You are only given one set of skin, so take the best care of it!

Not sure what skincare products will work best for your needs? Take the skin quiz to know where to start!

Skincare Quiz

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Eyes of Youth: How the Right Eye Cream Can Turn Back Time

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Eyes of Youth: How the Right Eye Cream Can Turn Back Time

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