My Christmas Wish List 2022

My Christmas wish list 2022

It’s that time of year when we’re making lists and checking them twice! Here is my Christmas wish list 2022 to give you some ideas as you create yours!

Tips on How to Create a Wish List

When creating your own Christmas wish list, here are some things to consider so you end up with something that you will use and love!

  • What do you like to wear? This will help you put things on your list that you will wear and love! Every woman needs an updated clothing item or shoes to keep her closet fresh.
  • What are your hobbies? Is there something that you like to do as a hobby that you need? Do you like to read, knit, sew, cook, clean, hike, travel…? Put something on your wish list that you enjoy doing!
  • How do you like to relax? How do you like to feel pampered? Put something on your list that will help you relax and feel refreshed!
  • What’s something that you’ve been wanting but haven’t bought for yourself yet?? We all have at least something on our wish list that we haven’t gotten yet! Maybe it’s too expensive and we feel guilty for buying it for ourselves. Maybe it’s more of a want than a need. Whatever it is, put it down girl!
  • Is there something that you need? Sometimes things we need really do make great gifts!

When creating your Christmas wish list, choose timeless things that you will use and love for years! Say goodbye to the times when you collected disposable clothing that falls apart after a few wears or bits and bobs that just collect dust in the cupboard. Choose things that will bring you joy, that will create memories, that will help you look and feel beautiful, that will help you learn. Those are the gifts that will keep on giving! Think quality over quantity!

My Christmas Wish List

Here is what I have on my Christmas wish list 2022. Will I get everything on my list? Probably not! But a girl can dream! And I can use this list throughout the year and save up and buy for myself =)

My Christmas wish list

1.Sarah Flint Shoes– You can never go wrong with a pair of Sarah Flint shoes! They’re handmade Italian designer shoes for a fraction of the cost! I love that Sarah creates each pair with comfort and style in mind. This pair is on my list because they are so versatile and classy! Save $50 on any pair of Sarah Flint shoes with this code at checkout: SARAHFLINT-BAJOELLENW

2. Minky Couture Blanket– I am always cold! I’ve wanted a soft and cozy Minky Couture blanket for a long time! I’m hoping I have one under my Christmas tree this year….

3. Apple Watch– I’ve been going back and forth with wanting an Apple Watch for the past year. I didn’t want to be connected 24/7 to a device, but I actually think having it will help me be less connected to my phone! I won’t have to have my phone with me all the time, not wanting to miss a phone call or text and being distracted with all the other notifications and social media. I’m excited to see how this helps me become more physically active, track my sleep, and cut back on screen time. I think I’ll love it!

4. Book– I always love a good personal development book! This one has been on my wish list for a long time!

5. Diamond Necklace– I like wearing simple jewelry pieces that look great on their own or that can be layered with other pieces. This diamond necklace looks perfect! And the price is a steal too! (save 10% with this code at checkout: iamjoellen10)

6. Teeth Whitening Strips– Being in front of the camera so much for my job has me wanting to have a healthy and welcoming smile. My brother-in-law is a dentist and he says these are awesome at home whitening strips! I can’t wait to try them!

7. Cashmere PJs– It’s a tradition in my family to get a new pair of pjs every Christmas Eve. These cashmere blend joggers & sweatshirt are the perfect mix of comfy and stylish! I can sleep warmly and drop my daughter off at school in the morning without looking frumpy! Win win! Use code JOELLENJS10 for $10 towards your purchase at Summersalt.

8. Clutch– I think this leather clutch would be such a fun addition to my closet! I love the color and the size. I have a few trips planned next year that this would be perfect to take along! (save 20% off with this code at checkout: JOELLEN20)

Wish List Ideas

Here are some other ideas that you might want to use to create your own Christmas wish list:

  • Cashmere sweater– Cashmere is a great luxurious fabric! It elevates any look. And this cashmere sweater is a STEAL at $50! (save 10% with this code at checkout: iamjoellen10)
  • Leather jacket– Every closet should have a leather jacket. It’s timeless and classy. This is a great affordable option. (save 10% with this code at checkout: iamjoellen10)
  • Leather purse– A leather purse will be your best friend for years!! And this one in particular is super cool. It can be worn as a shoulder bag, crossbody bag, belt bag, or clutch. (save 20% off with this code at checkout: JOELLEN20)
  • Jewelry– Versatile and high quality jewelry pieces will be worn and loved for years! Quince has really affordable options! (save $20 on Quince jewelry items with that link!)
  • Skincare– Give the gift of healthy skin! You won’t find a better skincare regime out there.
  • Makeup– Makeup is something that is worn every day and helps enhance your beauty. So make sure you have the right colors and products that help you look your best! Text #match to (928) 223-5388 for a FREE makeup color match!
  • Pedicure/Manicure (these press-on nails are super fun and easy to apply!)
  • Vacation
  • Massage

Yes, Christmas is a season of giving, not getting! So make sure to focus on serving and sharing your light with others. But also have fun and be wise making your Christmas wish list so everyone comes away happy 😉 Hopefully my Christmas wish list 2022 gives you some inspiration. Have a very Merry Christmas!

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