Seint Sale: August Rush 2023

Whether you are a current Seint customer or have been wanting to try Seint products and haven’t yet, now is the time to stock up! Seint doesn’t have sales often, so when they do, you need to pounce! Let’s take a look at the Seint Sale August Rush 2023…

SEint Sale: August Rush 2023


  • Does Seint have sales? Seint does not have sales often! Black Friday is the biggest sale of the year for Seint. But Seint also has other surprise sales throughout the year, so when they announce one you need to be ready to buy!
  • Is there a Seint discount code? Seint does not have a discount code, but you can save money with Seint makeup with the Seint palette credit, Seint collections, a Seint rewards/shopping link, or becoming a Seint Artist. 
  • How can you save money on Seint beauty products? Although Seint does not have discount codes, you can still save money on Seint beauty products in other ways: Seint palette credit, Seint collections, a Seint rewards/shopping link, or becoming a Seint Artist.
  • When is the Seint Sale August Rush? Seint is having an August Rush sale August 21-25, 2023. (August 21st, 12am, MDT, to August 25th at 11:59pm, MDT).

When is the Seint Sale August Rush 2023?

When is the Seint Sale August Rush 2023?? Be ready to take advantage of this sale on Monday, August 21st starting at 12am MDT to Friday, August 25th until 11:59pm MDT. Everyone loves a good sale, so if you sleep on it you will miss out on some great products! Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Be ready to SHOP THE SALE!

What is Included in the Seint Sale: August Rush 2023?

Let’s break the August Rush Seint sale down so you know what’s included. There will be items that will be 20% off, 30% off, 40% off, and 50% off!! The sale includes some skin care, brushes, eyeshadows, highlights, perfumes, illuminators, lip + cheek shades, travel cases, and palettes! This is the perfect time to stock up for yourself or for gifts!

Scroll through the images below to see what’s on sale and what you want to add to your collection!

The products that are 20% off are:

  • Reusable rounds
  • Blur Brush
  • Travel Brush Set
  • Cinnamon Highlight
  • Seint No 6 Perfume
  • Glamazing Illuminator
  • Stardust Eyeshadow
  • Emerald City Eyeshadow
  • Rigoletto Eyeshadow
  • You Complete Me Eyeshadow
Seint Sale: August Rush 2023

The products that are 30% off are:

  • Seint No 2 Perfume
  • Seint No 3 Perfume
  • Seint No 5 Perfume
  • Bayou Eyeshadow
  • Mi Hija Eyeshadow (one of my faves!)
  • Sis Eyeshadow
  • Gigi Eyeshadow
  • Jr Prom Eyeshadow
  • As You Wish Eyeshadow
  • Tawanda Eyeshadow (one of my faves!)
  • As If Eyeshadow
  • Kin Eyeshadow (one of my faves!)
  • Atlantic Eyeshadow
  • Travel Case (this is THE BEST case! I use it daily!)
  • Brush Cleaning Tile
  • Mirage Highlight
Seint Sale: August Rush 2023

The products that are 40% off are:

  • Cranberry Eyeshadow
  • Reign Eyeshadow
  • Glass Slipper Eyeshadow
  • Everest Eyeshadow
  • Holly Eyeshadow
  • Hot Chocolate Eyeshadow
  • Stay Golden Eyeshadow
  • Claire Eyeshadow (one of my faves!)
  • Ginger Eyeshadow
  • Finn Eyeshadow
  • Duke Eyeshadow
  • Crush Eyeshadow (one of my faves!)
  • Lala Land Eyeshadow
  • Makeup Bag
  • Demi Colour O7
  • Shine Paper (my fave! I use them daily!)
  • Wallflower Lip + Cheek
  • Pinky Promise Lip + Cheek
  • Line Brush
  • Blend Brush
  • IIID Eyeshadow Palette 20
  • Ace of Shades Collection (such a great gift!)
  • Goldie Illuminator
  • Apparel
Seint Sale: August Rush 2023

The products that are 50% off are:

  • Seint No 1 Perfume
  • Seint No 4 Perfume
  • Microfiber cloths (LOVE! I use them daily!)
  • Travel Sprays
  • Masque
  • IIID Palette 4 Silver
  • IIID Palette 18 Silver
  • IIID Palette 27 Silver
  • IIID Eyeshadow Palette 49
  • Powder Brush
  • Buff Brush
  • Taffy Lip + Cheek
  • Audrey Lip + Cheek
  • Da Ba Dee Eyeshadow
  • Graceland Eyeshadow
  • Moscow Eyeshadow
  • Eve Eyeshadow
  • Denim Eyeshadow
  • Leo Eyeshadow
  • Tangerine Eyeshadow
  • Snowbird Eyeshadow
  • Demi Palette 6
  • Demi Palette 12
  • Demi Palette 18
  • Demi Palette 20
  • Demi Palette 49
  • Demi Colour V1
  • Demi Colour B1
Seint Sale: August Rush 2023

Not sure which eyeshadow colors you should add to your collection?? Check out the eyeshadow swatches so you can see what they truly look like.

My Sale Faves

I think of any these products are a great deal! But here are some of my personal faves that I use and love:

  • Reusable rounds
  • You Complete Me eyeshadow
  • Amethyst eyeshadow
  • Stardust eyeshadow
  • Mi Hija eyeshadow
  • Sis eyeshadow
  • Kin eyeshadow
  • Tawanda eyeshadow
  • Jr Prom eyeshadow
  • Gigi eyeshadow
  • Brush Cleaning Tile
  • Travel Case
  • Cranberry eyeshadow
  • Stay Golden eyeshadow
  • Claire eyeshadow (this looks orange online, but it’s a pretty pink!)
  • Crush eyeshadow
  • Holly eyeshadow
  • Shine Paper
  • Line Brush
  • Shape Brush
  • Blend Brush
  • Spot Brush (great for applying Demi)
  • IIID Eyeshadow Palette 20
  • Microfiber cloths (these are a MUST!)
  • Masque
  • Powder Brush
  • Buff Brush
  • Moscow eyeshadow
  • Eve eyeshadow

I’m not exaggerating when I say that these products will fly off the shelves! If you have your eye on something, snatch it before it’s gone! Think ahead to Christmas, birthday, teacher, or other gifts. Stock up and save while you can because a Seint sale does not happen often.

If you need help knowing what products to buy or what colors will look great on you, EMAIL ME and ask away! Or you can take the foundation color match quiz or the makeup survey for a free custom color match! Stop wasting time and money on colors that aren’t working well for you! Trust me as your beauty advisor to guide you to buy the colors that will look best on you!

Color Match Me!

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SEint Sale: August Rush 2023

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