Storage Options to Help You Organize Your Closet

Cleaning your closet can kinda be overwhelming. And then organizing your closet after the purge can be downright painful. But with the right products and tips you can make it out in one piece. These are the best storage options to help you organize your closet so you have a happy space when you open that door. Let’s get rid of that clutter and then keep it clean!

Closet Clean-out

First things first, you must start by cleaning out your closet. Not sure where to start?? Then read How to Clean Out Your Closet first so you can purge that clutter. Get rid of the excess. Simplify. Refresh!

Products to Help you Organize

Once your closet has been purged of the unnecessary, it’s time to put all the things that you love back in. But, you just spent tons of time cleaning and you don’t just want to throw it all back in. You must make a system. Create order and organization. Whether you want to organize items by color, clothing type, winter vs summer…it’s totally up to you! But having the right storage options will make your life much easier. It will also help you keep your closet clean and organized. Here are some great storage options that will help you organize your closet:

1. Slim Hangers– thinner hangers will allow you to have more space! You don’t want to take up unnecessary space with a bulky hanger. You will be amazed at how many more things you can hang once you convert to slim hangers.

2. Zippered Pouches– Do you have items that you don’t use often? Seasonal clothing? Then zippered pouches are a great way to put away what you don’t need and stack them on a shelf.

3. Hanging Racks– Does your closet lack shelving? Then a great and inexpensive way to add some storage is to invest in some hangings racks. You can fold and stack items nicely here.

4. Drawers– Every closet has floor space so a great way to maximize it is to add some drawers or shelves.

5. Scarf or Belt Hangers– A great way to organize your scarf or belt collection is to hang them all in one place.

6. Racks/Shelves– Do you have tons of shoes? Get a rack or shelf so you can place them nicely on it where you can see what you’re looking for.

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Storage Tips

Do you feel like your closet is just too small? It’s time to think outside the box. When you organize your closet, look for other ways you can store your clothing other than your closet. Use under the bed boxes to store clothing under your bed. Use a dresser for items that can be folded. Use a bookshelf or storage bins to place near a wall. Or you can invest in a great closet system that will allow you to use the space more strategically.

1. Shoe Hangers– Hang this on the back of your door and you can save so much space! It is perfect for your shoe collection.

2. Under-the-bed Boxes– There is a lot of wasted space under your bed. Maximize it by adding boxes to store things in.

3. Cubes– Stack some cubes along a wall in your bedroom to create a bookshelf/dresser. You can mix and match and make it as big or little as you need.

4. Closet System– Most closet really lack a good shelving system. Invest in a closet system that can help you make the most use of your space.

5. Drawers– Invest in a nice dresser, drawers, or bookshelf that will look nice with your decor and store your clothing.

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My favorite way to create more space is to have less! Embrace a more minimalist lifestyle and fill your closet with staple pieces that can be mixed and match. Invest in clothing, shoes, and accessories that are top notch quality that are versatile. You will need less when you shop intentionally. Spice up your outfits with your accessories. Accessories take up a lot less space and will allow for more closet space. It feels so great to do a good closet clean-out! Now, be smart about your storage options and shop smartly. Learn how to shop like a minimalist HERE.

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