Closet Workhorse: The Black Leather Jacket

As a minimalist and avid traveler, I’ve come to realize that it is crucial to be strategic in your wardrobe. I can’t afford the space to collect unnecessary clothing pieces that will clutter my closet or suitcase. I have to be intentional with what I choose to buy and wear. I like to refer to these pieces as closet workhorses. Pieces that work hard for me, give me the most bang for my buck, and offer endless options of wear. One of my closet workhorses is the black leather jacket. It’s a must in any wardrobe!

Why a Workhorse?

The black leather jacket deserves the workhorse title because it truly works hard for you! It will give your outfit the style it seeks, it will give your body the warmth it needs, and it will last for years and years. You can mix and match a leather jacket with any outfit.

Why You Need a Leather Jacket in Your Closet at
Why You Need a Leather Jacket in Your Closet at
Why You Need a Leather Jacket in Your Closet at

The Versatility of the Black Leather Jacket

You may think that a leather jacket is only for winter use. Wrong! You can wear a leather jacket all year round. It can be dressed up or down. It can be layered or thrown around your waist. It is such a versatile piece in your closet. Here are some simple ways you can wear this closet workhorse:

Why You Need a Leather Jacket in Your Closet at

1 . White t-shirt, jean skirt, leather jacket, Adidas sneakers.

2. Leopard blouse, skinny jeans, leather jacket, black booties.

3. Raspberry swing dress, black tights, leather jacket, black booties.

4. Chambray shirt, black leggings, leather jacket, Adidas sneakers.

Closet Workhorse: The Black Leather Jacket at

5. House dress, plaid scarf, leather jacket, Nike sneakers.

6. Floral blouse, striped skirt, leather jacket, black heels.

7. Striped turtle neck, scarf, skinny jeans, leather jacket, duck boots.

8. Tie die house dress, leather jacket, Nike sneakers.

Black Leather Jacket Options

Now, this is definitely an investment. You will have to pay a good amount for a good quality jacket. But, you will wear it so much! The cost per wear will end up being pennies! When I was in Italy, I really wanted to find a black leather jacket. What better souvenir, right?! Well, I looked and looked and realized it was going to be pretty pricey. But, after shopping smartly, I was able to find one for around $200. It was a steep price tag but I have worn that jacket over and over. It has been such a great investment! Whether or not your budget will allow a real or faux leather jacket, here are some great options that will be great additions to your wardrobe:

Closet Workhorse: The Leather Jacket at

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Closet Workhorse: The Leather Jacket at

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

You need to add this closet workhorse to your wardrobe! It’s an investment that will keep on giving. It will last for years, give you tons of wear, keep you stylish, and provide you warmth. It’s a must have! Need help learning how to shop smartly as a minimalist? Click HERE to read!

Closet Workhorse: The  Leather Jacket at

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