Winter Essentials to Stay Warm and Stylish

I hate being cold. Really hate it! So it’s crucial for me to stay warm in the winter so I don’t become a hermit! If you’re the same way, then here are some winter essentials to stay warm and stylish in the cold months of the year!

How to Stay Warm in the Winter

I’ve lived in New Zealand and Italy and both places are very wet and cold! If you aren’t dressed properly, you will be miserable! It’s taken some trial and error to learn the importance of proper clothing choices. Alfred Wainwright said, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.” And this is so true!

What’s the key to staying warm in the winter and cold weather months?? Base layers. You must invest in some good quality base layers to keep you warm!!

My favorite base layers are wool leggings and wool shirts. They comfortable and lightweight but offer great warmth under your clothes! And as a bonus, this allows you to wear your clothes more between washings because your pants and sweaters aren’t touching your skin and body oils. It preserves your clothes and keeps you warm…win win!

Winter Essentials

Here is my list of winter essentials that I think every woman should have in her closet. You can find variations of these to suit your budget, needs, and preferences. But having these in your closet will ensure you have a warmer winter!

Winter Essentials to Stay Warm and Stylish
  • wool base layers- wool leggings & a wool shirt are essential to stay warm!
  • wool socks– there’s nothing worse than cold feet! Invest in a good pair of wool or cashmere socks to stay warm!
  • wool turtlenecks– your neck will love you!
  • leather jacket– with great wool base layers, a leather jacket will help you look chic and stylish!
  • cashmere sweater– I LOVE cashmere sweaters! But the cost can be painful. Quince cashmere sweaters are only $50 and they are warm and stylish!
  • straight leg jeans– this style of jean is classic and flattering. This Levi pair is my favorite that I wear over and over!
  • long jacket– there’s something about a long cut jacket that is so chic! And bonus…it keeps you extra warm!
  • puffer jacket– this is the ultimate solution for warmth! A good down puffer jacket will keep you nice and toasty! Or combine the long jacket & puffer jacket with this jacket!
  • wool coat- wool coats are my obsession! Have you ever watched a Hallmark Christmas movie and noticed how amazing all their wool coats look?! Invest in a good wool cool if you want to look classy. My favorite place to buy wool coats is from Coat Check Room. They’re handmade and GORGEOUS! Save 20% off with this code: JOELLEN20 For a cheaper option, Quince has a few styles HERE or HERE or HERE.
  • cashmere scarf– there is something magical about how a scarf can keep you extra warm! Make it a cashmere scarf and you are classy and warm!
  • gloves– when your hands are warm, all is well in the world! Snatch yourself of cashmere gloves and you will feel fancy!
  • purse– I believe purses and shoes can make or break your look. Invest in a good purse and you will also look put together!

My Favorite Place to Buy Wool

My absolutely favorite place to buy wool clothing is WoolX! I have been a consumer and fan for several years and I can’t go back! Did you know that wool can be odor resistant, moisture wicking, and temperature regulating?? It’s the best fabric to travel with because you can wear it over and over before it needs to be washed.

I’m going to be honest. Wool is an investment. But it’s well worth it! The amount of cost per wears actually makes it cheaper than a less expensive option. When you take good care of your wool pieces, you will have them for YEARS!

Save 10% on WoolX items with this discount code: JOELLEN10

How to Stay Stylish in the Winter

We’ve covered how to stay warm. But how can you stay stylish in the cold weather months??! The key is to invest in high quality clothes that will last. You want to invest in essentials that are classic cuts and colors so you can mix and match and wear for years! Stay on trend by switching up accessories or colors.

Let’s take a closer look… Create a warm outfit by wearing your base layers, pants, shirt, nice long jacket or wool coat, and then make it stylish by adding a pretty scarf, gloves, earrings, purse, and shoes. And don’t underestimate the power of makeup!

You don’t have to sacrifice warmth for style. You can have both!

Color Match Me!

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Winter Essentials to Stay Warm and Stylish

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Winter Essentials to Stay Warm and Stylish