Glow Beyond the Hype: Exploring the Seint Beauty Makeup Palette

You may have heard or seen the buzz about the Seint makeup palette. But is it worth all the hype? Is it really as good as women say? Keep scrolling to see why it’s different and if it’s worth trying!

What Makes Seint Beauty Different from Other High End Makeup?

There are so many beauty brands in stores and online. There are tons of great products to choose from! But what makes the Seint makeup palette different from other high end makeup brands? I’ve been a Seint makeup user for over 9 years and it still reigns supreme in my eyes! Here are just a few reasons Seint is different and better than other brands:

  • iiid Foundation helps you look more youthful
  • You can customize your compact
  • It saves space
  • It saves time
  • It saves money
  • You get personal beauty help

iiid Foundation

What in the world is iiid foundation??! Let’s break it down. Most women put one layer of liquid, powder, or cream foundation in their face to even out the skin tone and minimize any blemishes. But when that is done, the face is left looking flat and lifeless. To add shape color back on the face, other products are layered on like contour, bronzer, blush, powder, highlighter…. If you choose to stop at just foundation, then you look flat, If you choose to add more products, you have several layers of makeup on your face. It can look cakey and heavy!

With iiid foundation, you apply one layer of foundation on your face and you look more youthful! How???? The cream foundation comes in different shades but all the colors still provide coverage. The iiid foundation consists of highlight, contour, blush, bronzer, and illuminator. Each color is placed on your face like a paint by numbers technique and the blended beautifully to give your face shape and dimension without the heavy look of layers!

iiid foundation is creamy so it blends well, is applied in one layer so it looks natural, and gives your face shape and dimension so you look youthful! It’s the best combination!

Custom Compact

The Seint makeup palette is a completely customizable makeup compact. You can create a small, medium, or large palette with everything that you want and need! If you like a simple makeup routine, you can have a small palette. If you like a ton of makeup, then you can create a big palette! And anything in between!

Seint makeup includes more than just iiid foundation. You can also include eyeshadows, eyeliner, brow wax, and powder.

Saves Space

What does your makeup bag or drawer look like right now? I’m betting you have a large collection of bottles, compacts, tubes, and brushes. Over the years, you’ve acrued quite the cluttered collection! With the Seint makeup palette, everything you need (minus mascara) will fit into ONE compact!! It saves so much space!!

Your highlight, contour, blush, illuminator, bronzer, lipstick, powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, brow color, brow wax, etc will all fit into one palette! You’ll just need your custom compact and a few brushes to look and feel beautiful for the day!

Saves Time

How much time do you think you spend wasting rummaging through your cluttered makeup bag or makeup drawer looking for the product or brush you need? That time adds up! When you have everything you need in your fingertips with your custom palette, you end up saving a ton of time!

Saves Money

How many times have you purchased a pre-built eyeshadow palette and then you end up using one color more than another? You toss the palette before all the colors are completely used…it’s such a waste of money! When you can create your perfect eyeshadow palette, you can use a color to your heart’s content and then replace just that tin when it runs out. It saves a ton of money!

Personal Beauty Help

When you purchase makeup from a drug store or online, you don’t get any beauty help. It’s a gamble. If you purchase makeup from a department store or a makeup store, you can get guidance before you buy. But then what? What if you have questions after you purchase? What if you need troubleshooting help? What if you want more recommendations or need tips??

As a Seint Artist, I offer personal makeup help before, during, and after you purchase the makeup. I can help you find the makeup colors that will look best on you by guiding you through my Seint Color Match Quiz, my Seint Color Match Guide, or my Seint Color Match Survey.

I’m a certified makeup artist and licensed aesthetician and I love helping women look and feel beautiful and confident! Once you’re my customer, I answer any of your makeup or skincare questions via text, email, or social media messaging. I’m like your beauty gal in your back pocket!

You can’t get that type of complimentary personal help anywhere else!

What makes Seint Beauty different?

Is it Affordable and Beginner Friendly?

Seint makeup is perfect for the beginner, the pro, and anyone is between!

Seint is very affordable! It costs at least $100 to get started with a simple custom palette and brush, but then you replace your tins as needed. Look at the price comparison between Seint and other popular brands:

Seint Price Comparison

The tins look small but they are mighty! They can last 2-12 months, depending on the product and how much you use.

How Long Does Seint Makeup Last

Is Seint Makeup Cruelty Free?

A common question many women ask is Seint makeup clean? Rest assured, Seint makeup is cruelty free, sulfate free, paraben free, gluten free, and alcohol free.

High Quality Beauty That Lasts All Day

If you want a great makeup application, it’s key to have great makeup brushes! Seint makeup brushes are specifically designed to work with cream makeup. They will help apply and blend the makeup beautifully! When applied with a high quality brush and when you’re using the correct colors, your makeup will last all day long!

If you have oily skin, then make sure to read this blog post about Seint makeup for oily skin. It includes tips that will help your makeup last longer.

With any makeup, it will last longer when you prep your face properly and you set your makeup with powder or setting spray.

Don’t take it just from me! Read the Seint makeup reviews from other real women who use the Seint makeup palette everyday and love the results! And this woman’s Seint makeup review shares her opinion on if the makeup is worth it.

Hopefully that answered your questions about the Seint makeup palette! It’s truly a great makeup system that you will love! Read these Seint makeup reviews to see what other women think! Email me if you have any questions…I’m happy to help! Remember, when you feel good, you do good!

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