Easy Easter Beauty Basket Ideas for Teens

Easter is such a fun family holiday, but it can be tough to please that teenager of yours! She may be too old for the fluffy stuffed animals and sugary treats. So, surprise her this year with a basket full of fun beauty essentials that she will love! She can pamper herself and use them in her daily routine…win win! Here are some easy Easter beauty basket ideas for teens that you can fill her Easter basket with this year!

History of Easter Baskets

Have you ever wondered why we even give Easter baskets?? Originally, Easter baskets were baskets filled with foods that were not allowed to be eaten during Lent. People would bring these baskets to the Priest to bless. Some baskets had white doilies or napkins or even grass and twigs. In other places, Easter baskets were given to the poor and were filled with eggs, toys, and candies.

The idea has evolved over time and now we celebrate the holiday by giving baskets filled with treats, clothes, toys, and beauty products! Some families celebrate humbly while others go all out! No matter the way you decide to celebrate, keep scrolling for some ideas you can put in your teen Easter basket this year.

Looking for an Easter Basket Ideas for Your Makeup Addicts?

If you have a beauty lover in your home, whether she’s a tween, teen, or yourself, look no further as these items are sure to have every makeup enthusiast excited. Seint Beauty is a great place to shop for makeup products and tools. You can find some other great products at my other favorite places to shop too!

Easter Basket Ideas for Teens

  1. Setting Spray– This makeup setting spray is perfect for keeping her makeup fresh all day long!

2. Illuminator– What girl doesn’t love a little extra sparkle?! This powder illuminator is perfect for adding just the right amount of shimmer to her beautiful cheekbones.

3. Lip & Cheek Collection– This lip & cheek collection is so great for any girl! She will love the options of choosing a different color every day to wear with her mood. She can mix and match and wear on its own. She will love them all!

4. Dry Shampoo– This will be her life-savor when she sleeps in and is running late for school! Spray some in her hair and she’s good to go!

5. Tweezers– Keep those brows lookin extra fine with these pretty rose gold tweezers!

6. Tinkle Razors– Nobody likes a fuzzy face…especially a teenager! These are perfect for gently shaving off that peach fuzz so she can look her best!

7. Scrunchies– These are making a comeback! They’re perfect for any up do and hair on the go.

8. Makeup Remover Wipes– She will want these on those late nights when she doesn’t have time to wash her face before her head hits the pillow!

9. Bella Bronzer Bundle– This bronzer and brush bundle is so perfect for giving her skin a sun-kissed glow without the exposure to harmful sun rays or tanning beds. Yes please!

10. Eyelash Curler– Who doesn’t want more feminine eyelashes?! This eyelash curler is top notch and cute to boot.

11. Wet Brush– Keep her hair nice and smooth and detangled with this simple brush.

12. Perfector Sponge– Blend that makeup to perfection with this makeup sponge!

13. Mascara– The perfect mascara that adds length and volume and doesn’t leave raccoon eyes when washing her face.

14. Exfoliator– Have super smooth and healthy skin with this awesome exfoliator! It’s gentle and natural and oh so good!

15. Jade Roller– Treat those puffy eyes from lack of sleep with this jade roller.

Skip the sweets this year and give your teen the gift of beauty! These Easter Beauty Basket Ideas for Teens are great gifts that she is sure to love! And pick up some of these beauty gifts for yourself too! They are everyday essentials that any girl will love!

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Easter Basket Ideas for Teens

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Easter Basket Ideas for Teens