Minimalist Makeup: How to Spruce Up your Fall Makeup Look

It’s always nice to stay on trend with fashion and makeup each season. You want to look fresh and up to date, but you don’t want to break the bank or collect all the things, right?! And that can be especially tricky as a minimalist. So, here’s a minimalist makeup tip on how to spruce up your fall makeup look…

Assess What You Have 

First, before you worry about how to spruce up your fall makeup look, take a look at what your current minimalist makeup collection consists of. You always want to start by knowing what you have before you buy more of anything. If you don’t know what you have, then you are bound to spend more money or collect more products that you don’t need!

Add Some Fall Lip & Cheek Colors

When you think of spring and summer, light and bright pinks are the perfect colors to wear on your lips. But when you think of fall and winter, you want to wear those darker and richer colors. So instead of reaching for the pretty pinks, reach for reds, browns, burgundies, or purples. Those are so great for fall! 

But, remember that we don’t want to break the bank or collect unnecessary things. So just add a few lip colors to your collection. Having a few new colors will change your look up entirely!

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Add Some Fall Eye Colors

When it comes to your eye makeup, spring screams light and airy eyeshadow looks. But not fall! You want darker and deeper shades. You want browns, reds, oranges, purples, golds. Anything that looks like fall! Just add a few new shades to your palette and you’ll have a totally new updated fall look. 

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Customized Palettes 

The beauty of Maskcara makeup is that it is so perfect for minimalists! You can completely customize your makeup palette to include just the colors you need. There’s no need to buy a huge palette of colors that you’ll only end up using a few colors out of. You simply purchase the foundation singles or eyeshadow singles that you want and put it in your magnetic compact. Then you have exactly what you need and it all fits in one spot. It’s the best! You can learn more about Maskcara makeup HERE.

Minimalist Makeup: Customizable Compacts at

So, when it comes to minimalist makeup, you can still be on trend with each new season. Just switch up a few colors to spruce up your fall makeup look and you’ll love the fresh new look!

Minimalist Makeup: How to Spruce Up your Fall Makeup Look at

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