Seint Gift Guide 2023

Christmas is just around the corner and that means gift giving season has arrived! If shopping and gifting stresses you out….don’t worry! I’ve tried to make it really easy and collected ideas that you will love! There is something for every budget that the teacher, co-worker, neighbor, friend, sister, mom, aunt, or yourself are bound to love! This Seint Gift Guide is sure to give you some ideas to gift the gal in your life….

A Little About Seint

Seint is a beauty company that specializes in iiid makeup and custom compacts! Their products are made to enhance a woman’s beauty, not cover it up! Their custom compacts make it easy to get ready for the day. The tools and makeup are top notch, but affordable! You can’t go wrong! You can learn more about Seint FAQ to see how cool the product and company is.

Seint Gift Guide

Most women love to look and feel beautiful! A great way to help them achieve that is to update their makeup routine! Makeup should be fun and easy to do, not a dreaded chore! With this easy makeup, any woman can look her best. I’ve curated a list of products that she can use on their own or with other Seint products. She is bound to love anything on this list! Also, make sure to check out the Seint Holiday Releases for some other great goodies!

Seint Gift Guide
  1. Skincare Travel Set– This is the perfect skincare set to bring on any travel adventures!
  2. Face Masque– Get extra happy and healthy skin with this face masque!
  3. Microfiber Cloths– The softest cloths that help get your face extra clean!
  4. Refresh Cleansing Wipes– These wipes are a cleanser and toner in one! They’re perfect for the everyday or for travel!
Seint Gift Guide
  1. Bronzer Collection– Get a sun-kissed glow all year round with this amazing bronzer bundle!
  2. Fruit Punch Collection– This lip + cheek collection is so fun! It’s great for every age but especially for teens! Not only are the pretty colors, but they smell amazing too!
  3. Illuminator Collection– Help her glow with these gorgeous illuminators! She doesn’t have to pick a fave because it includes three that she can mix and match!
  4. Lip + Cheek Collection– Give her the gift of variety with this fun lip + cheek collection! She can wear each color on its own or layer to create her own favorite shade. The options for blush and lipstick are endless!
  5. No. 8 Collection– Introduce her to cream makeup with this collection. It includes everything she needs to create a beautiful face: foundation, contour, blush, illuminator, and lips! Give her the whole shebang! This collection includes everything she needs to put an entire face on! Not sure what makeup shades she wears? Use this Seint Color Match Guide to help you!
  6. No. 12 Collection– Save $59 with this bundle! Give her the whole shebang! This collection includes everything she needs to put an entire face on! Not sure what makeup shades she wears? Use this Seint Color Match Guide to help you!
Seint Gift Guide
  1. Makeup Brush Holder– Perfect little pouch to store all of those brushes!
  2. Makeup Brush Collection– You won’t find better makeup brushes around! She’ll love these for years!
  3. Travel Case– Pop in your brushes and makeup in this perfect size bag! Great for everyday use or traveling!
  4. Makeup Bag– Fit EVERYTHING in this makeup bag: makeup, brushes, skincare, palettes. It all fits.

Seint Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers are always a fun icing on the cake! Here are some great items you can toss in her stocking that she is sure to love!!

Seint Gift Guide
  1. Eyeshadow Brush– This is the perfect brush to apply eyeshadow to get a great look!
  2. Perfector Sponge– Get a flawless finish with this makeup sponge!
  3. Shine Paper– Keep the shine at bay all day with these awesome shine papers.
  4. Brush Cleaner– You won’t find a better brush cleaner on the market! It sanitizes and cleans your brushes in minutes.
  5. Brush Cleaning Tile– Keep your eyeshadow looking perfect by using this brush cleaning tile between eyeshadow colors.
  6. Solid Perfume– Say goodbye to spilt perfume messes in your bag! This solid perfume is a no mess formula that gives you a pretty glow and yummy smell. Win win!

Give the gift of beauty this year! Make it simple and give her something she’ll love and use!

Color Match Me!

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JoEllen is a licensed aesthetician, certified makeup artist, and certified John Maxwell coach, speaker, and trainer. She works with women helping them look and feel confident. She loves teaching women simple beauty techniques so they can feel empowered to try it at home. Her motto is that when you look and feel good, you do good!

Seint Gift Guide

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Seint Gift Guide