Envy-Worthy Hues: Choosing the Best Eyeshadows for Your Gorgeous Green Eyes


  • What is the best eyeshadow for green eyes? If you want your green eyes to pop, then wear colors that are opposite of green on the color wheel. Reds, pinks, purples, oranges, and bronzes look great with green eyes!
  • What eyeshadow colors should you avoid with green eyes? If you have green eyes, try to avoid colors that are close to green on the color wheel: blues, yellows, and browns.
  • How do you build a custom eyeshadow palette?

Isn’t it frustrating going to the beauty store and seeing shelves and shelves of eyeshadow colors and you just have no idea where to even start?! What shades will look great with your eyes? What color combos should you buy?? Don’t worry girl! I feel you!! Makeup shopping can be overwhelming. But by getting back to the basics, it will become easier for you. Really, any woman can wear any color and rock it. As long as you feel confident, you do you! But, there are some colors that will help those eyes of yours pop. So here are the best eyeshadows for green eyes to make them extra gorgeous!

How To Find Complimentary Colors For Your Green Eyes

Let’s take it back to elementary school, shall we? In art class, we learned about the color wheel. Colors across from each other on the color wheel are called complementary colors. That means that they pair well together. So, if you have green eyes, the complementary color to green is red. When searching for eyeshadows that will help those green eyes pop, you want to reach for reds, purples, pinks, oranges, bronzes, golds. Those colors will pair well with your green eyes.

discover Your perfect eyeshadow shade with the color wheel

I absolutely love green eyes! Did you know that green eyes are the rarest eye color with only 2% of the world possessing green eyes?! Consider yourself one lucky gal if you’ve been blessed with gorgeous green eyes!

Seint is my all-time favorite makeup line. They have the best eyeshadow colors too! Their eyeshadows are super pigmented, are a powder but almost go on creamy, and they last fooooorever! A woman can wear any color if you feel confident and pretty BUT I believe these Seint colors will look best with your gorgeous green eyes:

PURPLES: Lullaby, Bend and Snap, London, Kin, Amethyst, As If

PINKS: Mi Hija, Tawanda, On Wednesdays, Mama, Soul Mate, Claire, Paris, Sis

REDS: Moscow, Eve, Cranberry, Pomegranate, Zion, Holly

ORANGES: Leo, Valencia, Crush, Tangerine, Havana

BRONZES: Gilded, Bright Eyes, Riviera, Hot Chocolate, You Complete Me

GOLDS: Blondie, Gold Digger, Ginger

Eyeshadows for Green eyes

Check out the Seint eyeshadow swatches so you can see how they look in real life.

What are Colors to Avoid for Green Eyes and Why?

Again, you can wear whatever color you want! But if you want your green eyes to pop, then try to steer clear of these colors: blues, yellows, and browns. Why shouldn’t you choose those colors? Blues and yellows especially won’t work well with green eyes because they aren’t complementary on the colors wheel to green. They won’t help your green eyes stand out!

When in doubt, look at the color wheel and choose colors that are on the opposite side of the wheel as your eye color.

Green Eye Eyeshadow Combos

But looking at that list of eyeshadows can still be pretty overwhelming, right?! Like, what colors will even look great together?? A great rule of thumb is to pick 1 light color, 2 medium colors, and 1 darker color. That way you can mix and match the colors to achieve different looks.

The Best Eyeshadows for Green Eyes at iamjoellen.com
The Best Eyeshadows for Green Eyes at iamjoellen.com
The Best Eyeshadows for Green Eyes at iamjoellen.com
The Best Eyeshadows for Green Eyes at iamjoellen.com

Eyeshadow Tutorial for Green Eyes

Eyeshadow is a great way to get creative with your makeup! But it can also be overwhelming between picking the colors and knowing how to apply them. Here are some tutorials that will make the process easy for you:

Seint Eyeshadow Tutorial

Eyeshadow Tutorial for Beginners

Everyday Natural Eyeshadow Look

Eyeshadow Tips for Deep Set Hooded Eyes

How to Build a Custom Eyeshadow Palette

An easy way to avoid the overwhelm when choosing eyeshadow combos is to buy a prebuilt palette. But there are a few problems with that:

  • You end up using one color more than another which results in wasted product
  • You waste money because you never completely use all the colors
  • You waste space because you collect a bunch of palettes!

There is a better way! Build your own custom eyeshadow palette! Use the color recommendations above to create the perfect eyeshadow palette for you! You can put a mixture of matte and shimmer shades, light, medium, and dark. You get to buy the exact colors you want. Since each eyeshadow comes in its own tin, you can just replace that one color when you’ve used it up. Each tin fits beautifully into a magnetic compact and you can move around and replace each shade as needed.

Do you like reducing waste and saving money??? I do! So start creating your own eyeshadow palette…it’s a win win!

The Best Eyeshadow Brushes

If you want a great eyeshadow application, you MUST have great brushes! Toss those sponge applicators out and invest in high quality brushes that will help you apply and blend the makeup beautifully!

Here are my favorite eyeshadow brushes (they’re high quality, easy to use, double ended, and pretty!)

Best Brushes for Seint Eyeshadow

Remember, if you feel confident in a color, then own it! But these colors will help your beautiful green eyes stand out! They will bring out the best in your eyes and really help you shine. If you want help picking out custom colors for your eyes, I would love to help! Just email me a selfie and I would be happy to recommend the best colors for your beautiful eyes! If you want to see what eyeshadow colors will look great on other eye coloring then click on them below:

Blue Eyes

Brown Eyes

Hazel Eyes

Color Match Me!

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Eyeshadows for Green eyes
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