The Best Souvenir to Collect for the Minimalist

As a traveler, I’m exposed to so many amazing things around the world. Art, sculptures, clothing, knick knacks, you name it. It’s all beautiful and oh so pretty. And it would be so so fun to collect it all! But, when you’re trying to live a minimalist lifestyle, collecting souvenirs can be a bit contradictory. A bit much. We are only traveling with 4 suitcases and I just can’t collect it all. And I’m at the point in my life where I don’t want to collect it all. I only want to collect things that are meaningful or versatile or useful. So this is what I think is the best souvenir to collect for the minimalist…jewelry!

Why Jewelry for the Minimalist

Collecting jewelry satisfies my artsy side, my fashion side, my short on space side, my girly side. It’s the perfect souvenir to collect for the minimalist as I travel. I love to shop. But I don’t have the need to shop much anymore. So when I’m traveling, I can focus my shopping on one area…jewelry. I try to choose pieces that will be versatile in my wardrobe so I can wear them over and over and mix and match easily. Jewelry also takes up very little space! The pieces that I have collected all easily fit into my jewelry holder. And I don’t focus on super expensive pieces. I try to find rings, earrings, or bracelets that are representative of the area I’m visiting. When you purchase stones or styles key to that area, they’re more affordable. Black pearls from Rarotonga and larimar from Domincan Republic are affordable options.

The Best Souvenir to Collect for the Minimalist at

Pieces I Have Collected as a Minimalist

I have collected pieces from Alaska, Arizona, New Zealand, Rarotonga, Singapore, Italy, and Dominican Republic. And every time I wear one of those pieces, I am reminded of where I got it. From green stone to black pearls to larimar…it all makes me think of the time I spent in those areas. It makes wearing those pieces more meaningful.

The Best Souvenir to Collect for the Minimalist at

Other Souvenir Ideas

Let’s say you’re not into jewelry. There are lots of other types of souvenirs that you can collect as a minimalist. The key is to think what you need and how you can use it. When I was in Italy, I really wanted to find a leather jacket and a leather purse. Why? Because I knew these were things that I could use over and over. These were things that would be versatile in my wardrobe. These were things that wouldn’t take up much space in my suitcase and things that would be timeless.

Souvenir ideas for the Traveler to Collect at
Souvenir ideas for the Minimalist to Collect at
Souvenir ideas for the Minimalist to Collect at

Do you need some art in your home? Do you need new shoes? When you travel, make a list of items that you need so it makes souvenir shopping more purposeful. You don’t need another refrigerator magnet or paperweight. Get something with a purpose and something you will love. Being a minimalist doesn’t mean you can’t collect souvenirs here and there. Just be purposeful in your shopping. It’s so fun to have things that remind you of the memories you made along the way.

That’s the souvenir to collect for the minimalist, in my opinion! Do you have a great idea??

The Best Souvenir to Collect for the Minimalist at

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