Seint Gift Guide

Seint Gift Guide

Seint Gift Guide


It’s gift giving season! The holidays are just around the corner! It can be overwhelming knowing what to get that gal on your Christmas list! So I’m going to make it really easy for you…I’ve compiled a list of beauty products that she will love! Whether you’re buying for a teacher, co-worker, neighbor, friend, daughter, sister, mom, aunt, grandma, or yourself, this Seint Gift Guide will give you great ideas so you can get your shopping done!


No matter what you’re your budget is, you are bound to find something she will love from Seint! The products are top notch, the packing is gorgeous, and they’re products that will help her look and feel beautiful! Win, win win! Find gift guides below according to price.



Gifts Under $25 (these also make great stocking stuffers!)

Seint Gift Guide Under $25

  1. Microfiber Cloths ($25 USD/$35 CAD)- Using these cloths will help her skin be extra clean for her nightly skin care routine!
  2. Line Brush ($22 USD/$31 CAD)- This is the one and only brow brush you will ever need! Pair it with the brow wax and you have the perfect brow gift!
  3. Multitasker Brush ($22 USD/$31 CAD)- This makeup brush can do so many things! Eyeliner, lipstick, lip liner, blemish coverage, brows…the options are endless! It’s a must in anyone’s makeup kit!
  4. Eyeshadow Brush ($18 USD/$25 CAD)- She won’t need any other eyeshadow brush than this one…it’s perfect for getting a pretty eyeshadow look!
  5. Brush Cleanser ($24 USD/$34 CAD)- Every gal needs to be washing her brushes at least once a week! And this brush cleanser makes it so so fast and easy!
  6. Brow Wax ($18 USD/$25 CAD)- Say goodbye to brow fly-aways! This wax will help brows stay in place all day!
  7. Dulce De Leche Lip Scrub ($20 USD/$28 CAD)- This is a great little lip treat to help make her lips feel extra healthy!
  8. Perfume ($22 USD/$31 CAD)- This is the best solid perfume to toss in her purse or compact! It doubles as a scent and illuminator!
  9. Lip Conditioner ($16 USD/$23 CAD)- You won’t find better Chapstick/lip balm around! And it fits in her compact…perfect!
  10. Lip & Cheek ($14 USD/$20 CAD)- Gift her a pretty lip & cheek color to switch up her look!


Gifts Under $50

Seint Gift Guide Under $50

  1. Milk Masque ($45 USD/$63 CAD)- This is such a great treat for your skin! It’s gentle, soothing, and healing and her skin will love it and feel so pampered!
  2. Seint Tee ($35 USD/$49 CAD)- This is such a fun tee that can be worn all year round and mixed-matched and layered! She will love it!
  3. Setting Spray ($29 USD/$41 CAD)- This is perfect for getting her makeup to last all day!
  4. Custom Eyeshadow Palette ($48 USD/$68 CAD)- Pick out custom colors that she will love! You can take a quick eyeshadow quiz HERE to know what shades to buy for certain eye colors that will make them pop!
  5. Triple Decker Compact ($35 USD/$49 CAD)- Is she a makeup lover? Then she will love this larger compact that can hold EVERYTHING she needs!
  6. Milk Crème ($50 USD/$70 CAD)- You will not find a better moisturizer on the market!! This is cream of the crop! Top notch! Bar none!
  7. Illuminator Collection ($34 USD/$48 CAD)- What woman doesn’t want to glow?! This illuminator collection is so fun! The illuminators can be used to illuminator, eyeshadows, or layered over lip color.
  8. Bronzer Bundle ($40 USD/$56 CAD)- This bundle is so great for getting that sun-kissed glow all year round!

Higher Price Range

Seint Gift Guide Higher Price Point

  1. Brush Collection ($175 USD/$245 CAD)- Just like an artist needs her tools to create a masterpiece, a gal needs good makeup brushes to look beautiful! This brush collections has all that she’ll ever need! And the quality is superb so it will last for ages!
  2. Seint Sweatshirt ($65 USD/$91 CAD)- This sweatshirt speaks for itself. It’s beautiful!
  3. Tres Leches Skincare System ($140 USD/$196 CAD)- Every woman wants beautiful skin and this skincare system will help her achieve that! It is the BEST!
  4. Clutch ($89 USD/$125 CAD)- This clutch compact can hold all her makeup, brushes, and other daily essentials like money, credit cards, driver’s license, and keys! She can keep it all at her fingertips!

Holiday Releases

Seint Holiday Bundles

You can also find all the fun holiday releases HERE! They are all beautiful and unique products that will go quickly…so check them out before everyone else snatches them up!

If you’re still stumped as to what to buy, then please reach out to me HERE and I can be your personal shopper! I love helping women find items that are personalized just for them! Helping women look and feel beautiful is my very favorite!

Also feel free to send this link over to your significant other for a little hint hint! All he has to do is click a link and add to cart! Easy peasy!

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Seint Gift Guide

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