All About Seint Demi Corrector Edits

How to conceal with Demi Correctors

What are Demi Correctors?

According to the Seint website, this is what it says about Demi Correctors:

“A breakthrough approach to makeup, Demi Corrector is a carefully calibrated saturation of cream color that is strategically applied using a featherlight technique. Most of your skin remains untouched, resulting in an undetectable makeup that reveals the magic of your face.”

So basically, Demi Correctors are extremely pigmented concealers that are created to spot treat and filter out imperfections. They are much different than your typical foundation. Instead of applying a layer of makeup all over the face, you are spot treating the areas you want to filter out, to give you a natural and glowing skin appearance.

Who are Demi Correctors Good For?

Demi Correctors are not meant for everyone. If you like a full coverage makeup look, this is not for you. If you like a natural appearance and want to filter a few areas on your face, then this is for you!

Demi Correctors works really well on teens! They also work well on the woman that wants to filter out those distractions like dark circles, acne, blemishes, broken capillaries, veins, and hyperpigmentation without looking like they’re wearing a ton of product.

Seint Demi Color Wheel 

Have you ever heard of color science? The color wheel is full of colors. With color science and makeup, you take the complimentary color on the color wheel to help conceal. For instance, if you have dark circles that are blueish, then you would take the opposite color on the color wheel of orange or yellow to help conceal that area.

Getting really up close and personal with the mirror will help you determine what color you need to use to filter out your blemish. It takes a little practice, but once you figure out what colors you need, it will be easy!

Seint Demi Corrector Color Wheel

What Demi Corrector is Best for You?

What Demi Corrector do you need? Spend a little time in front of the mirror seeing what colors on your face are distracting. Do you have dark circles? Do you have broken capillaries? Do you have pimples? Do you have hyperpigmentation? Do you have melasma? Study your face to see what you want to filter and determine what shades those distractions are.

Our blemishes may not be so easy to determine what colors they are. So here is a little guide to help you figure out what Demi Corrector colors you’ll need:

  • Dark Circles: these are usually blue or green and need an orange or red shade to help filter.
  • Redness on your face: these are usually more violet or blue and need an orange color to help filter.
  • Hyperpigmentation: these appear kind of muddy on your face and need an orange or red to help filter.

How to Conceal Distractions

With Demi Correctors, less is more! We’re used to applying a ton of product to cover parts on our face that we want to conceal. But when you apply just a small amount exactly on the spot that needs to be concealed, it will cover it beautifully! As soon as you apply the concealer out of the range of excess color, it will show up. Use the Spot Brush and focus on just applying the Demi Corrector JUST on the area that needs to be concealed.

Seint Demi Edit Kits and Seint Demi Tutorials

Demi is a completely different way to do makeup. So, it takes some trial and error, some practice, and some patience. Here are some simple Demi tutorials that will help you learn the process.

Seint Demi Corrector for Dark Circles- Wide Awake Edit

The Wide Awake Edit is great for Seint Demi for under eye and dark circles. This Demi kit includes all the shades you’ll need to help you look wide awake! When you purchase the Wide Awake Edit, you save 15%.

Wide Awake Edit

Seint Demi Corrector for Aging- Rewind Edit

This Seint Demi Edit is great for melasma, age spots, sun spots and any other blemishes that ages you. When you purchase the Rewind Edit, you save 15%!

Rewind Edit

Seint Demi Correctors for Redness and Blemishes- Erase Edit

This Seint Demi edit is great for erasing redness and blemishes. When you purchase the Erase Edit, you save 15%!

Erase Edit

Seint Demi Colour Brushes to Apply the Makeup

If you want a great makeup application, you must have a great makeup brush!! A good brush is key! Here are some brushes that will help get you that flawless finish:

Spot Brush: This brush is great for all those small features you want to cover and conceal! It works well on acne and blemishes, small hyperpigmentation spots, broken capillaries, under the eye, and veins.

Bright Brush: This brush works best on under eyes and filtering larger areas.

Shape Brush: This is a larger brush that works great for overall skin filtering and toning, blush, bronzer, and contour. It has a fun shape!

Best Brushes for Demi Correctors

If you’re looking for ways to filter out a few blemishes, then give Seint Demi Corrector Edits a try!

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How to conceal with Demi Correctors