Embrace Your Beautiful Physical Features

Embrace Your Physical Features
Yes, beauty is only skin deep. But I also believe that it’s important to learn to embrace your physical features and appreciate your beautiful body!
We live in a world where we are constantly told that we’re not good enough. We’re not pretty enough, we’re not smart enough, we’re not healthy enough, we’re not talented enough. No wonder why we’ve lost self confidence in who we are and who we can become. I want to change that. I want to help women understand their individual worth so they can reach their potential. I want women to see their beauty…their inner beauty and their outer beauty. I believe that when we feel beautiful and confident, we act beautiful and confident. And by acting beautiful, we are helping build stronger families, communities, and relationships. We need more confident women in our world. We need more women who know who they are, appreciate who they are, and are proud of who they are. When you recognize your strengths, you can gain more confidence. By focusing on your good qualities, whether they’re physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, you understand your self-worth better. You need to learn to embrace your beautiful physical features and I’ll show you how!
Basic Steps to Physical Confidence
Follow these basic steps to start to love and appreciate your physical features.
Look at yourself in the mirrorPick something out that you like (nose, eyes, ears, hair, cheekbones, finger nails, toe nails, skin color, hair, brows, legs, freckles, feet, fingers, etc…..)Focus on the good! Stop picking yourself apart and finding the negative features and start embracing those good features.Now cultivate, nourish, nurture, enhance those good features. Make them stand out!

How to Embrace Your Physical Features
Now that you’ve taken the time to study your body and find your good physical features, let’s learn how to embrace them! If you love your nails, then nurture them! Take good care of them. Trim them, file them, paint them. If you love your lips, then moisturize them and apply a beautiful lipstick color. If you love your hair, then get a good haircut, keep it clean and styled nicely. If you love your legs, then lotion them up and wear clothes that feature them. You see what I mean?? Find your beautiful features and take good care of them! Take some pride in how you look. Don’t be prideful, but have appreciation. When you take the time to nurture those features, you will learn to embrace them and focus on the good.

You Focus on You
Don’t compare your bad features to someone’s good features. Everyone was born with one body and we all come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. And that’s ok! Sally might have gorgeous eyes, but you have a gorgeous smile! Stop comparing your features with someone else’s because we are all different. We are all beautiful. You focus on you. When you focus on your good features, you forget about the bad features. Change your mindset, focus on the good, embrace it, and run with it. Let’s cancel out the negativity and focus on the good! Your good!

Have Gratitude
You were born with one body so embrace it! Learn to love it! When you embrace something you love, it boosts your confidence. Have gratitude for what you have. By being grateful for your body and your beautiful features, it boosts your confidence and you learn to appreciate and love your body. Focusing on the good increases your confidence, love, and beauty for yourself.