How to Get Beautiful Makeup for Family Pictures

Raise your hand if you’ve ever taken family pictures and you took time to look nice and you thought you looked rocking. But then you get the pictures back and you’re like, I thought I looked better than that!! It happens to the best of us! Been there, done that. The thing is, you’ve gotta up your makeup game when you’re taking pictures. I’m sharing how to get beautiful makeup for family pictures so you won’t have those regrets again!


How to Get Beautiful Makeup for Family Pictures

How to Do Makeup for Family Photos

If you want to look amazing in your family photos, you want your makeup to pop! Everyday makeup is great for everyday. But everyday makeup won’t cut it for family pictures. Makeup needs to be elevated when you’re being captured in pictures or video. You need to apply MORE and make your makeup more dramatic if you want to look great. 

Here are some tips you can use to look fantastic for your next family photos:

•Have good skin care before the big day. Make sure to exfoliate prior to your pictures because this will make your skin have a smooth surface. Your skin won’t magically look smooth if you don’t take care of it before you apply your makeup.
•Contour! Contouring helps give your face dimension and definition. Bring out those cheekbones girl! To. learn more about contour, read these contour tips and tricks to help you master it!
•Use bronzer to give a warm color and to help frame your face. You want a nice sun kissed glow and this will do just that! Watch this tutorial on how to apply bronzer.
•Add a flush to your cheeks with blush. You want to add color to your face and blush is the perfect way to give you a natural flush.
•Blend! Don’t layer on all the makeup without blending! Blending will give you a flawless look!
•Define your brows. Don’t forget your brows!! Give them definition to finish your look off.
•Wear lipstick. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting about your lips! Use a step above your natural lip if wearing lipstick scares you…but you must wear something on those beautiful lips!
•Brighten under the eye area (think of it like reverse raccoon eyes). Use a lighter highlight color to brighten that area up to make you glow.
•Use eye liner. You want to add more drama to your eyes and eyeliner with help them stand out. Using dark brown will look more natural & softer, but black eyeliner will add more drama.
•Wear falsies. Yes! Don’t be scared! They will make your eyes pop! And it won’t look unnatural in the pictures…I promise!
•Don’t wear SPF. It will cause a glare in your photos. You want to glow in your pictures, but not in an unnatural ghost like way!!
•Make sure your face and neck match. Use bronzer or tanning spray to correct the color difference.
•Use a powder to set your makeup to avoid shine. It can either be a loose powder of pressed powder.

How to Get Beautiful Makeup for Family Pictures

Best Makeup to Use for Family Photos

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Products to Help you Look Great in Family Pictures

And that’s it! If you follow those steps, you will stand out in your family pictures and look your best! Don’t let another family photo session pass by with more regrets!
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How to Get Beautiful Makeup for Family Pictures

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