How to Pick Versatile Accessories as a Minimalist

Some people may think that having a minimalist wardrobe is boring. Wrong! Having a minimalist wardrobe just means you have a closet full of intentional pieces that are high quality and versatile. And the best way to dress up that minimalist wardrobe is to accessorize! Accessories are your friends! They add spice, pizazz, and individuality to your look. But don’t go crazy and start collecting all the things because then you’ll just end up with clutter. Here are some tips on how to pick versatile accessories as a minimalist so you can add that spice to those “boring” outfits!


When choosing which accessories will go well with your wardrobe, make sure you pick pieces that are timeless. Accessories that you will wear for years! Accessories that are classy and functional. Pieces that you can pass down. Sure, you can add a few trendy pieces. But the ones that you’ll reach for over and over will be the ones that are timeless.

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You definitely want to pick versatile accessories! Pieces that can be worn in different seasons, with different looks, dressed up or dressed down. Those versatile pieces will allow you to have less but still look great.

High Quality 

Who wants to invest in pieces that will fall apart or break or wear down after only a few wears?? Not me! Make sure you choose wisely and invest in higher quality pieces so they’ll last longer! By making a bigger investment up front, you’ll actually end up saving money because the cost per wear ratio will be better. 

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When considering what to purchase, make sure you take into account your personality! If you like color, then add some flare! If you like clean lines, then add classy pieces. If you like simple, then look for minimal pieces. Don’t sacrifice your personality when you’re trying to live a simpler life. You can still embrace your personality and individuality.  

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Types of Accessories

Now that you know you should look for accessories that are timeless, versatile, high quality, and have personality, what types of accessories should you look for? You should be looking for watches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, scarves, belts. Anything that will add a little sass or sparkle or extra element to your look. All of these pieces will add character to your outfit. They can be mixed and matched. 

My Favorite Accessories

You will always find me wearing earrings, a ring or two, a simple bracelet or few, and a watch. These are all timeless and versatile pieces. I like to invest in high quality pieces that will last for years! All of my accessories are either sterling silver, leather, real stone, or wood. And they all add just the right amount of character to my outfits! 

I love wearing black and white and I love a clean look. So, all of my accessories portray that. When I found this black watch, I knew it was perfect for me!! It’s versatile and goes with all of my black pieces in my capsule, is high quality and is made of wood, and is timeless. It ticks the boxes and adds that tailored look I love! 

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So, let’s prove the notion wrong that minimalism is boring! Just because we have a simple wardrobe doesn’t mean we have to look frumpy, ugly, boring, and bland. Add some fun versatile accessories as a minimalist to your capsule so you can look and feel your best!

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