6 Daily Habits to Improve Self Confidence

6 Daily Habits to Improve Self Confidence

We are constantly bombarded with reasons why we are not as good enough. Social media, blogs, tv, songs, and movies are breaking us down and making us feel less than. It’s easy to lose our confidence. But we all are amazing! We all have things to offer and lessons to learn to become better. Here are 6 daily habits to improve self confidence so you show up as your best self and shine your light with others!

Morning Routine

As nice as it is to roll out of bed and stay in your loungewear all day, it will make you feel and look frumpy. But if you just take a few minutes every day to have a morning routine, you will feel and look so much better! Here are some basic steps to add to your morning routine:

  • Brush your teeth- There’s nothing that will take the confidence out of your sails more than bad breath!
  • Wash your face- Your face is oily and your eyes are crusty after a long night’s sleep so quickly wash it to feel fresh!
  • Brush your hair (styling it is a bonus)- Nobody feels confident with bed head! Run a brush through your hair and curl or straighten it to look less frumpy.
  • Put a little makeup on- Even if it’s only mascara and ChapStick, you will feel so much more confident!
  • Get dressed- Change from your pjs to loungewear or a true outfit. It makes a big difference!


Most of us would never talk to our friends and family the way that we talk to ourselves. The conversations we have going on in our minds can be harsh! Instead of always criticizing ourselves for our imperfections, try using affirming words and phrases instead.

Words are powerful! When we say mean things to ourselves, we start feeling and acting that way. Try saying some of these affirmations:

I am strong.

I am beautiful.

I am resilient.

I am a problem solver.

I am happy.

I am kind.

I am patient.

I can do hard things.

These phrases are so much more powerful than the mean things we say to ourselves. After you do your morning routine, try saying positive affirmations to yourself, in your mind or out loud. You will notice how it boosts your confidence!


Affirmations are powerful, but paired with visualization, it becomes like dynamite! What is visualization?? It’s simply picturing yourself doing something or being someone. So, when you say the affirming phrase of, “I am happy”, visualize yourself as being happy. What are some things that make you happy? Picture it!

When you can pair positive words and pictures, you are seeing and feeling how you want to be. It stirs up emotion in you that helps you truly become that person!


Write down 3-5 things you are grateful for every day! Taking pen to paper is a powerful way to acknowledge the things that are good in your life. Life is hard! But there is always something to be grateful for! When you take time to count your blessings, you feel happier and more confident in who you are.


Posture matters! Not only does it help you look confident, but it also helps you feel confident! Simply stand tall, put your shoulders back, and keep your head up. It’s really simple and such a great way to look instantly confident!


Nobody likes a grumpy person. A simple smile on your face will help you look warm and welcoming and confident. Most of us walk around with a neutral face. But taking a second to turn up the corners of your mouth and smile will help you look and feel confident instantly!

Try out those 6 daily habits to improve self confidence! See how it helps you look and feel. The more you practice them, the easier it will be to implement and truly make a habit in your life.

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6 Daily Habits to Improve Self Confidence