Makeup Hacks for Enhancing Your Beautiful Pale Skin

Do you have a pale skin tone? Have you wondered how you can wear makeup to look your best? You’ve come to the right place! Here are some makeup tips and hacks for enhancing your beautiful pale skin!

What is Color Theory?

Do you remember learning about the color wheel in art class? You probably thought you would never use that knowledge again, but you’re wrong! Color theory comes in hand when you’re trying to understand what makeup shades look best on you. From trying to color correct blemishes to wearing eyeshadow shades that bring out your beautiful eyes, color theory can help you shine!

When trying to conceal a blemish you have on your face, you want to color correct it with the opposite color on the color wheel. If you have dark blue circles under your eye, then using an orange concealer can help erase the darkness. If you have green eyes, then red and purples eyeshadows will help your eyes pop! Color theory can help you look your best!

discover Your perfect eyeshadow shade with the color wheel

Embracing Your Pale Skin Tone with Makeup

Pale skin is beautiful! But when you even out your pale skin tone with just foundation, you can look ghostly. So it’s important to add some color and dimension back into your face. Here are some tips for enhancing your pale skin tone:

  • Sunscreen
  • Contour
  • Blush
  • Bronzer
  • Illuminator
  • Mascara
  • Less is more

Wear Sunscreen

Pale skin is more prone to sunburns so it’s crucial that you protect it daily! After you do your morning skincare routine, apply a layer of sunscreen. My very favorite sunscreen is Dime Wonderscreen (you can save 20% with this code: JOELLEN) Find other great sunscreen options and how to reapply sunscreen once you have your makeup already on. A good sunscreen can act as your sunscreen, moisturizer, and primer. Prepping your skin before you apply your makeup is key to having a great makeup application.

How to Contour

Once you’ve applied your foundation to your face to even out your skin tone, it can leave your face looking lifeless and ghostly. An easy fix is to apply contour to add back the shape, shadow, and dimension on your face. Get a step-by-step contour guide to help master the technique. But to add some shape back into your face with contour, focus on these areas on your face:

  • Cheekbones- Find your cheekbone in the middle of your face. Apply contour right below your cheekbone. Start at your ear and end at the outer corner of your eye. And blend upwards!
  • Forehead- Apply contour along your hairline on your forehead. Keep a triangle of light on your forehead and blend into your hair.
  • Jawline- If you want a chiseled jawline and to help hide jowls, then apply contour along your jawline and blend down your neck.

This is the best contour brush! It helps apply and blend your contour beautifully!

How to Apply Blush

Blush is a great way to add a natural flush to your face! There are 3 main ways you can apply blush:

  • Apple of your cheeks- If you have a thin or narrow face, then applying blush on the apples of your cheeks can create fullness. Where are the apples on your cheeks??! Simply smile at yourself in the mirror and the fullest part of your cheeks are the apples. Apply blush there and blend into your contour.
  • Tops of your cheekbones- If you have a fuller face and want it to appear slimmer, then apply your blush on the top of your cheekbones.
  • Where you naturally flush- After you’ve taken a shower or worked out, look at yourself in the mirror without your makeup on. Notice where you naturally flush. Apply your blush there!

Check out the blush swatches to see all the beautiful shades!

Get a Sun-Kissed Glow with Bronzer

Contour is an ashy brown that is meant to create shadow on your face. Bronzer is a warm brown that is meant to give your skin a sun-kissed glow. Apply bronzer on the parts of your face that stick out the most, the parts where the sun naturally hits. These parts would be the top of your cheekbones, the fullest part of your forehead, your nose, and your chin.

Learn how to choose your bronzer shade. And check out the bronzer & contour guide for more tips.

Cream Bronzer Bundle

Add a Pretty Glow with Illuminator

Illuminator, aka highlighter, is a great way to add a pretty glow to your face! When the light hits your face, you will shine like a Greek Goddess! Apply illuminator on the top of your cheekbones, on the bow of your lip, and along the bridge of your nose. If you want a subtle glow, use cream illuminator. If you want a dramatic glow, then use powder illuminator.


Wearing mascara is a simple way to look put together. If you have a very pale skin tone, then wearing black mascara can seem a bit too harsh. You might want to opt for wearing a brown mascara. It will still give your lashes drama without the harshness.

Less is More

For fair and pale skin, sometimes less is more! If you pile on all the products, it can make your light skin look heavy. Play around with the tips I’ve shared but you don’t have to use all of them. Also, avoid using too dark and bold of colors. This will make you look heavy. Embrace your pale skin tone and wear the lighter colors so it doesn’t hide your beauty!

You might want to consider wearing Demi colour products. Demi is made to give you a no makeup makeup look. You can still get the dimension and coverage by using color theory to enhance your beauty.

Get a Complimentary Makeup Color Match

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Hopefully these tips will help you enhance your beautiful pale skin tone! Beauty is about trial and error. Try these tips out and see what works best for you and what you like. You are beautiful just the way you are! I’m just trying to help you enhance your beauty so you shine!

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Makeup tips for pale skin tones

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Makeup tips for pale skin tones