Seint Black Friday Deals 2023


  • When is Seint Black Friday? The Seint Black Friday deals go live on Friday, November 24th at 12am, MST! The sale ends Monday, November 27th at 11:59pm, MST, or while supplies last.
  • When is Seint Cyber Monday? The Seint Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals go live on Friday, November 24th at 12am, MST! The sale ends Monday, November 27th at 11:59pm, MST, or while supplies last.
  • What are Seint Black Friday deals? This year, Seint’s deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday include: 15% off highlights, illuminators, and skincare, 25% off rose gold brushes, 40% off silver brushes, 50% off candle/match duo, Fine Mist collection, Rosebud collection, and Silk Set.
  • Does Seint have a discount code? Seint does not have a discount code, but there are other ways to get Seint discounts, besides on. Black Friday.

When is Seint Black Friday?

The Seint Black Friday deals go live on Friday, November 24th at 12am, MST! The sale ends on Cyber Monday, November 27th at 11:59pm, MST, or while supplies last. These deals are good so you don’t want to snooze or they’ll be gone!

Seint Black Friday Deals

This year, Seint’s Black Friday sale is goooood! Here’s what’s on sale:

  • 15% off highlights
  • 15% off illuminators
  • 15% off skincare
  • 25% off rose gold brushes
  • 40% off silver brushes
  • 50% candle & match set


If you’re new to Seint makeup, your highlight shade is your foundation. Most women like to have 2-3 highlight shades in their palette so they can use them throughout the year, depending on your exposure to the sun and your skin’s needs. It’s a great idea to have a light, medium, and darker highlight shade so you can mix and match and use it for great coverage. Not sure what highlight shade you need? Check out the highlight swatches or Color Match Guide.

Seint Black Friday Deals


Seint illuminators are meant to give you a pretty glow! Apply it on the top of your cheekbones, under your brow, on the inner corner of your eye, and the bow of your lip. You can even use it as eyeshadow! If you want a subtle glow, use cream illuminator. If you want a more dramatic glow, then powder illuminator is for you! Check out the illuminator swatches to see what color would be best for you! Angel & Photoshop ar emy personal faves.

Seint Black Friday Deals


You only have one set of skin so take great care of it! Seint skincare is simple but healing. You will love how your skin looks and feels! The microfiber cloths are an absolutely MUST, no matter what type of skincare brand you use.

Seint Black Friday Deals

Rose Gold Brushes

If you want a great makeup application, you MUST have great brushes!! Seint brushes are specifically made for cream makeup. They are extremely well made (I’ve had mine for years!) and they’re pretty. Win win! The Detail Brush and Eyeshadow Brush are must haves!

Seint Black Friday Deals

Silver Brushes

Seint silver brushes are made for use with demi correctors but they also work great with any of the other cream makeup! I especially love the Shape Brush for my blush.

Seint Black Friday Deals

Match Set/Candle Duo

If you are a candle lover, then you will love the yummy scented candle! With the matches, it makes a great hostess gift!

Seint Black Friday Deals

Seint Black Friday Bundles

Along with the great Seint Black Friday discounts, there are some great bundle options! Here’s what’s available:

  • Fine Mist Collection
  • Rosebud Collection
  • Silk Set

Fine Mist Collection

Introducing our Holiday Fragrance Collection: a delightful assortment of the following 6 limited edition scents for every mood and occasion! Buy it as a collection or as individual scents. They make the perfect gifts!

Collection Price
$135 USD | $189 CAD

Seint No 1 Fragrance Fine Mist: A scent of sentimental floral perfection, layered with fruity notes and a vanilla undertone.

$25 USD | $35 CAD

Seint No 2 Fragrance Fine Mist: A heavenly scent that combines sparkling citrus, sweet tuberose, and smooth sandalwood.

$25 USD | $35 CAD

Seint No 3 Fragrance Fine Mist: A delicate fragrance made of amber, dewy freshness, and a hint of white musk.

$25 USD | $35 CAD

Seint No 4 Fragrance Fine Mist: An alluring blend of base notes including coffee and cocoa, complemented by the delightful scents of almond, samba jasmine, and tuberose crystal.

$25 USD | $35 CAD

Seint No 5 Fragrance Fine Mist: A delicate fragrance of peach and airy jasmine that evolves into a rich coconut and creamy macadamia nut, all wrapped in a layer of vanilla, heliotrope, and musk.

$25 USD | $35 CAD

Seint No 6 Fragrance Fine Mist: A delicate blend of white florals combined with notes of amber woods and exotic musk, topped with rich, decadent vanilla.

$25 USD | $35 CAD

Seint Black Friday Deals

Rosebud Collection

Packaged in a festive velour bag, the limited edition Rosebud Collection includes a Lash Curler, Brow Scissors, and Tweezers in a rose gold finish. These tools are pretty and functional and make the perfect gift!

$35 USD | $49 CAD

Seint Black Friday Deals

Silk Set

Elevate your beauty routine with our exclusive Silk Set: a Queen-sized pillowcase, headband, and hair ties for smoother mornings and damage-free styling. Enjoy a touch of everyday elegance with these soft and luxurious essentials! Please note: the Silk Set is not available to purchase in Canada.

$45 USD

Seint Black Friday Deals

All of these products make great gifts for giving any gal on your list or are great for everyday use for you! Stock up on your faves for yourself or for gifts for others.

Color Match Me!

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Seint Black Friday

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