Seint Eyeshadow Tutorial

Eyeshadow can be tricky! There are so many techniques, so many tools, so many color combos…it’s hard to know where to start! But I’ve got your back! This Seint eyeshadow tutorial guide will help you know how to apply eyeshadow, what tools to use, and what colors to choose. Keep scrolling to learn!

The Best Eyeshadow Brushes

If you want to get a great eyeshadow application, you MUST start with a great brush! Toss those sponge applicators in the trash because you are a big girl and big girls need real makeup tools! There are TONS of eyeshadow brush options out there, but you truly only need two to begin with. Here are two eyeshadow brushes that you will love:

The Eyeshadow Brush: This is the best brush for blending! Blending is key to a beautiful eyeshadow look. The fluffy end of this brush will blend to perfection!

The Smudge Brush: This brush is great for a more pigmented application. With its dense bristles, it helps pack a punch of color on your eyelids.

Bonus (Multitasker Brush): This brush is great for applying glitter and shimmer eyeshadow. It also is a champ at applying eyeliner!

Best Brushes for Seint Eyeshadow

Easy Eyeshadow Tutorials for Beginners

If you are a very beginner when it comes to eyeshadow or you just don’t like all the fuss with the crazy eyeshadow techniques, then you will love these easy eyeshadow tutorials for beginners! There are 4 basic eyeshadow methods that you can easily master:

  • Wash Method
  • Crease Method
  • Deep Crease Method
  • Ombre Method

Wash Method

This is the easiest eyeshadow method of all! All you need is one eyeshadow color of your choice (shimmer, matte, dark, medium, or light) and an eyeshadow brush or a clean finger.

If you’re using a brush, simply swipe your brush into the eyeshadow and then apply the color from the natural crease in your eye down to your lashes. That’s it.

If you’re using your finger, then swipe your finger into the eyeshadow and then swipe your finger onto your eyelid. That’s it.

It takes less than 30 seconds and you now have a little color on your lid!

Seint Eyeshadow Tutorial

Crease Method

The Crease Method is just one step more than the Wash Method. You will need 2 eyeshadow colors (1 light and 1 medium) and an eyeshadow brush.

Start out by using the Wash Method. Apply the light color on the main part of your eyelid by washing it onto the lid. Then take the darker shade and apply the color in your crease. Let the brush go back and forth to blend the color into your crease. This will add some dimension on your eyelid. And that’s it!

Deep Crease Method

The Deep Crease Method combines the Wash Method and Crease Method and adds one more step. You will need 3 eyeshadow colors (1 light, 1 medium, 1 dark) and an eyeshadow brush. Start by washing on the light color onto your eyelid. Then take the medium color and apply it in your crease. Next, take the darkest shade and apply it in a sideways v on the outer corner of your eye. Make sure to blend it really well! I like to use small circular motions and blend upwards. This technique helps add more depth and dimension to your eye.

Ombre Method

I think the Ombre Method is just as easy as the other methods but it looks fancier! You will need 3 eyeshadow colors (1 light, 1 medium, 1 dark) and an eyeshadow brush. Start by applying the lightest color on the inner part of your eye. Then apply the medium color on the middle part of your eye. Next, apply the darkest color on the outer part of your eye. You can apply the colors sloppy. Then take your eyeshadow brush and blend, blend, blend! Use circular motions to blend the colors together. It’s a quick and easy pretty eyeshadow look!

Seint Eyeshadow Tutorial

Once you have those eyeshadow methods mastered, you can move onto other eyeshadow tutorials. As you get more practice and become more confident, you can learn different techniques that will work for different eye shapes, like hooded eyes or deep set eyes.

It’s always easier learning how to do something when you can watch the process. Here are some more easy eyeshadow tutorials that will help you master eyeshadow! These are all really easy techniques that you can recreate using your own eyeshadow and color combos.

Check out this Instagram Eyeshadow Guide for more tips.

Seint Eyeshadow Combos

How do you know what eyeshadow colors will look great together?? Here are some tried and true color combos that look beautiful on anyone!

Seint Eyeshadow Color Combo


Seint Eyeshadow Color Combo


Seint Eyeshadow Color Combo


Seint Eyeshadow Color Combo


Seint Eyeshadow Color Combo


Seint Eyeshadow Swatches

It’s hard to know what makeup colors really look like in person. Here are some Seint Eyeshadow Swatches that will help you know what the colors truly look like.

Seint Eyeshadow Swatches
Seint Eyeshadow Swatches
Seint Eyeshadow Swatches
Seint Eyeshadow Swatches
Seint Eyeshadow Swatches
Seint Eyeshadow Swatches
Seint Eyeshadow Swatches
Seint Eyeshadow Swatches

How to Build a Custom Eyeshadow Palette

You can go to any drugstore and buy a prebuilt eyeshadow palette. It’s a great way to take the guess work out of what colors will look nice together. But the problem with that is that most times you end up using one or two colors way more than another. So you have this prebuilt palette with partially used colors. It ends up being a waste of product and money!

A better way is to build your own custom eyeshadow palette. How do you do that?? With Seint eyeshadows, each eyeshadow comes in an individual tin. You can pick and choose what colors you like. Then, you can place the tins into the magnetic compact. When a color is empty, simply replace it! No more wasted product and wasted money! And now you can customize your eyeshadow palette exactly to your liking! It’s amazing!

Go to the palette builder and start creating your custom palette!

Seint Eyeshadow Colors

Seint Eyeshadow Look

If you’re a visual person like me, then you love seeing colors in action on real people! Here are some Seint eyeshadow looks on real women. To find the eyeshadow shades, you can scroll through the colors or use the search bar to find the exact color.

Seint Eyeshadow Look
Seint Eyeshadow Look
Seint Eyeshadow Look
Seint Eyeshadow Look
Seint Eyeshadow Look

Here are some other eyeshadow resources that will be helpful:

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Easy Viral Eyeshadow Hack

Hopefully this Seint eyeshadow tutorial guide answers your questions and gives you help on how to apply, what tools to use, and what colors to wear. Remember to have fun with it! There’s no wrong or right way. Play around with the colors and techniques and wear what makes you look and feel beautiful!

If you need help picking out your perfect makeup colors so you look your best, I’m your gal! Text #match to (928) 223-5388 or fill out the makeup survey to get started!

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Seint Eyeshadow Tutorial

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